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Weight Gain During Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation, it is said, affects weight. Reports suggest that women may change their food preference while they are menstruating. Women have known to crave certain kinds of food during periods. They also tend to put on weight during their menstrual cycles.

Studies have proven though, that there is only a marginal change in the eating habits of women during menstruation, especially the intake of food. According to experts, the body metabolism also undergoes a slight change during the menstrual cycle. So, in effect, the slight increase in metabolism adjusts the small increase in food. But in case the woman is on a diet, then there may be some weight loss. This is because the metabolism would have increased slightly during periods, but the calorie intake would remain the same.

Women are also said to crave for certain types of food while they are menstruating. Although scientists have not conclusively proved this hypothesis, they have suggested that women may prefer carbohydrate sweets during their periods. At the same time, these cravings have been attributed to pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS. Even then, experts opine that the increase in weight due to a somewhat high intake of carbohydrates during this time may be negligible.

One definite cause of weight gain during menstruation is said to be water retention. But this too is considered both normal and temporary. A reduction in the intake of sodium may help remove water retention.

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