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Ways to Prevent Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be avoided by simply knowing your fertile period. Your fertile period plays a major role in getting you pregnant. One should know the
menstruation period to prevent pregnancy. Doing intercourse in non-fertile period has the least amount of chance of getting pregnant. This is the natural method to stop pregnancy.

How to calculate Your Fertility period: It is very simple to calculate your fertility period by following these steps:
• First, know your menstruation cycle. As it is not the same for all women and it varies from 26 to 31 days.
• Please note down the first day of your last menstruation bleeding and the first day of your present menstruation bleeding.
• Your ovulation period occurs in the middle of the menstruation cycle. So, let us assume that your menstruation cycle varies from 26 to31 days. As your ovulation
period occurs in the middle, your ovulation period usually occurs sometimes near the 14th day.
• If you stop doing intercourse one week before and after the ovulation period you can avoid pregnancy. During your entire menstrual cycle, try not to have intercourse within the 8th-21st day of your menstruation period. If the ovulation period is exactly on 14th of the month, then stop doing intercourse from 8th to 21st.
• The date mentioned above is the fertile period. In order not to get pregnant naturally, just make sure to stop doing intercourse during that period and you can be sure that pregnancy will mostly likely not occur.

Stopping Pregnancy By Using Medication

By using Emergency Contraceptives pills { ECP}, women can stop ovulation or fertility of the fetus. Contraceptive pills must be taken before and no less than 72 hours from your intercourse. It helps in avoiding pregnancy from 40 to 80 percent. If the usage of the contraceptive pill is for longer period, then the result will be 99 percent.

Avoiding Pregnancy By Using A Condom

Condoms provide good protection for avoiding pregnancy at any time during the fertile period. It is the best method to avoid pregnancy. It also helps in preventing STD’s{ sexually transmitted diseases} like AIDS.

Going For Abstinence To Avoid Pregnancy
The meaning of Abstinence is not having sex anymore. This can be practiced for avoiding pregnancy and STD’s. If people don’t have sex, then there is no chance for pregnancy. It is 100 percent effective in avoiding pregnancy.

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