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Uterine Fibroids and Pregnancy

According to medical practitioners, fibroids grow in size during pregnancy. Most women do not even experience any symptoms related to the condition. In some cases, however, women might experience spotting or pelvic pain. While medical practitioners say that fibroids do not interfere with the pregnancy, they agree that it does increase the chances of a miscarriage or pre-term labor in women. In more severe cases, women may have the following complications:

i. Obstructed labor
ii. Post-partum hemorrhaging
iii. Stalled labor
iv. Fetal malpresentations
v. Cesarean section

Rarely, pregnant women may also suffer from renal failure, urinary retention, and uterine incarceration.

It is advised that women seek treatment or removal of uterine fibroids after their pregnancy. Only if the fibroids become large and start causing pain, do doctors administer treatment of fibroids during pregnancy. After pregnancy, the fibroids generally shrink in size. But, if they do not, then the following line of treatment can be taken up:

i. Hysterectomy
ii. Medication

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