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Unplanned Pregnancy Options

One of the most difficult situation in life is to have an unplanned pregnancy. It is difficult to judge the thoughts and feelings because they are so confusing when you face an unplanned pregnancy. It is challenging to make a decision to know what to do at that time. Each and every woman has an individual right to make a decision on their own to handle an unplanned pregnancy. Before making any decisions, please make sure to confirm whether you are pregnant or not by taking a pregnancy test.

Home Pregnancy Test: Home pregnancy test can be bought from over-the-counter stores. This test can be done by measuring the level of HCG content in urine.
Clinical Pregnancy Test: This test is done by clinical people and taking sample of your blood test and urine test to confirm your pregnancy. This test gives you 100% result if you’re pregnant or not.

If you have confirmed your unplanned pregnancy, then you have three options:

• Going For Abortion: Abortion is the end of the pregnancy and it can be done only before 12 weeks of the pregnancy period. Please don’t take too much time to make the decision. The main reasons for abortion usually include:

  1. You don’t want to be a single parent
  2. Your boyfriend opposes your pregnancy
  3. Your situation is not good enough to handle your pregnancy
  4. You are afraid of your financial matters

• Parenting Your Own Child: If you and your partner feel ready to be parents, please select this wise option.
Placing The Baby For Adoption: If you want to give up your baby after 9 months of your pregnancy, select this option.  If you and your partner is not able to take care of the child, it is probably best that you find parents who want to adopt your child. There are so many foundations regarding adoption of a newborn.

Before Making Up Your Mind, Ask Yourself These Questions:
• How do you feel about this unplanned pregnancy?
• Do you want to parent this child?
• What about your partner feelings about your pregnancy?
• Can you handle the financial needs to raise your child alone?
• Does your partner support you in raising the child ?
• Who is going to support you?
• Are you ready to take care of the child 365 days/year?
• How will you manage your future goals with a child in your hand?
• How will you feel if someone else raise your child?
• How will you feel if you choose abortion?
• What will be your life as a parent in 1 or 2 years?

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  1. Ashley says:

    Or you should just keep ur legs closed if u dont want to get pregnant

  2. mary grace says:

    before giving up yourself be sure he is ready to help you all the way if he can’t will think twice…

  3. Dr. Foster says:

    or Ashley can stop being so belittling to situations she apparently has no experience handling. How small of U to make such a comment. Was there a vote that I missed that God needed help judging & U won!?! Speak on things U have wisdom about… Pray on things U don’t… SO young-minded!

  4. sarah says:

    Wow sarah shows how much time you have on your hands…apparently you have never been in love sex is not evil its beautiful when you have someone you love and sharing that part together its unlike anything in the world people mess up on pills condoms break accidents happen so to have the assumption that women who have unplanned pregnancys are a bunch of skanks who bang everyone is very childish and immature you obviously can’t be over the age of sixteen people like you who pass judgements like that make me sick you have no idea about anything life happens everyone makes mistakes even you so you have no right to pass judgement on others if god intended for us to be perfect we would be but guess news flash we’re not we’re human and its human nature so if your going to judge and point fingers remember this no matter what you will always have three fingers pointing back at you so if I were you I’d take some time to think because you have A LOT of growing up to do and YOUR NOT GOD!! He’s the only one who can judge us your no messiah no god your nothing but a human girl so instead of making comments about women keeping their legs closed how about you keep your mouth closed??

  5. sarah says:

    That comment was to ashley!!!

  6. stephanie says:

    These days people go to jail for killing other people but its suddenly ok to kill YOUR OWN CHILD because you cant see it yet?!! its discgusting! With all the people in this world that cannot concieve it is very terrible of people to kill a human they created because they were not ready for it. I agree with Ashley’s comment, maybe not in those words but if you are not ready for a child you are not ready for intercourse since that’s what it is for!!

  7. sarah a diffrent one says:

    some people are safe but things happen i used birth control and i got pregnant, and the reason why there are abortions is also for people like me who CANNOT have children for if they were to get pregnant they will die and so will their child, there are also many young girls who have gotten raped and connot stand the fact that their baby is inside them and i understand, there are many reasons why there is abortions.i know it for some people they find it cruel and ungodly but you shouldnt judge people especially if you never walked in there place.

  8. Beth says:

    Many people speak of not having sex if your not ready for a child. well i am 17 and had an unplanned pregnancy. im still in the proccess, 8 months along so far,but i used all procautions. i used a condom it broke, i was on birth control and also took plan b, i still ended up pregnant. All things happen for a reason even if we can’t explain them. I went 3 months not knowing i was pregnant and was doing so many stupid things i now regret. i thank god every day that my baby is healthy.i chose to keep my son because i took responsibility for my actions and i would never make him suffer for a mistake i made. i brought him into this world and i could never take that from him. also i would never be able to give him up, my heart wouldn’t be able to take it. i had sex because i chose to and was in a strong relationship and it wasn’t just sex it was love. a bonding between two people who truly care for one another. ya i know someones going to say your to young to know what love is but to that one person who will say that how do you know i am to young? love comes once in your life and it can be at any momment in time. Mistakes happen and miracles can result from those mistakes. everyone is entitled to thier own opinion and this is mine.

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