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Tubal Ligation Reversal

Tubal ligation reversal is a process where the separated sections of the fallopian tubes are joined back. This enables the woman to conceive again. Tubal ligation reversal is a surgical process. But while this method does give women a chance to procreate again, not all women can avail of this technique. Medical experts examine a woman’s current state of health to check if a tubal reversal surgery can be performed.

A tubal ligation reversal surgery depends on the following set of factors:

i. age of the woman
ii. present condition of her fallopian tubes
iii. method of tubal ligation used earlier
iv. the section of the fallopian tube where the ligation took place
v. how much of the fallopian tube is left

Many women resort to in vitro fertilization as a way of conceiving a child after tubal ligation. But according to medical experts, a tubal reversal surgery should always be looked at as the first option.

During this surgery, doctors unblock or unclamp fallopian tubes that have been mechanically blocked. If any other tubal ligation technique has been used, they reattach or place an implant inside the fallopian tubes to ensure that they carry out their normal function again. Patients are usually kept under observation after this surgery, the period for which may vary from one to seven days. As per doctors, the woman can fully recover from this surgery in four to six weeks.

The tubal ligation reversal method increases the chances of a woman conceiving again by as much as 70%. Also, women are able to conceive within a year of undergoing this surgery. Some woman may experience some side effects after the surgery. These include bleeding, infection, or damage to the nearby organs. Doctors however assure that these side effects are quite rare in occurrence.

Tubal ligation reversal procedure costs anywhere from $5,000 to $12,000 and most insurance plans do not cover the entire cost. Please consult your insurance company for exact coverage.

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  1. great says:

    There’s one testimony written on a blog about tubal reversal that this procedure has become the only or last resort to a couple’s desperate desire to conceive a child.

    The procedures done for the reversal couldn’t be simpler. But in addition to what you described as necessary factors in pursuing reversal, i think the best factor is always the testimonial from those who’ve already undergone the surgery.

    Thanks for your entry, though.

  2. Mary bearheart says:

    does CCs cover the whole thing it’s medical insurance

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