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Third Trimester of Pregnancy

The last phase of pregnancy starting from the 28th week till the baby is delivered is considered as the third trimester. This is the phase where both the mother and the child undergo several changes.

A very important development to take place in the third trimester is that the baby’s head drops in the pelvic region. This is a sign that the baby is getting ready for delivery. Its brain registers rapid development. Its five senses start developing. Physically, the baby grows in weight. It starts to open and close its eye, and even attempts breathing. While still in the womb, the baby is able to produce tears. In the later stage of the third trimester, the baby is able to sleep. Its hearing develops, and it is able to listen to a high-pitched voice. By the 40th week, the baby develops a full hair on its head. Also, it drops down in the birth canal.

The mother too, goes through several changes in her body. She experiences fatigue, indigestion, and heartburn. Her frequency to urinate might also increase. Swelling in the hands and feet is common during this time. Some women may experience leg cramps. This is owing to the baby’s growing demand for calcium. Though women in the final stage of pregnancy do feel energetic, they are strongly advised to relax. In some cases, there is an increase in the anxiety level of women. Doctors assure that this is a normal symptom just before delivery.

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  1. yogita mishra says:

    my sugar level is 123 (FBS) is there any need to panic all other indications are up to mark. Please advice its urgent.


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