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Third Party Reproduction

Third-party reproduction is an arrangement where a woman can provide her uterus or eggs, and where a man can donate his sperm, in order to help conceive a child. It is mainly of three kinds:

i. Sperm donation
ii. Egg donation
iii. Gestational carrier

Sperm donation
In this case, a man donates his sperm which is used for insemination. Or the sperm can also be used to fertilize eggs, which are then implanted inside the mother for a child to be born.

Egg donation
In this case, a woman donates her eggs for fertilization. The eggs are fertilized mainly using the in vitro fertilization method of artificial reproduction. The egg is then placed in the womb of the mother-to-be.

Gestational carrier
Here, a woman carries the pregnancy and delivers the child for another couple, who are unable to do it on their own for some medical reasons.

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