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Teenage Pregnancy Statistics

It seems hard to believe that someone can have a child when you still consider her to be a child, but teenage pregnancy does happen. A teenage pregnancy statistics, made by the Office of National Statistics for monitoring progress towards the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy’s target, shows more teenage girls get pregnant in Britain than anywhere else in Europe.

Because teenage pregnancy is a controversial topic, statistics on this issue never stops. According to the past teenage pregnancy statistics, in the 1970s, Britain had similar teenage pregnancy rates to the rest of European countries. But in the 1980s and 1990s, other countries got theirs down, while Britain’s rate stayed high. The latest available figures of teenage pregnancy statistics show that Britain’s teenage birth rate is five times that in Holland, three times higher than in France and double the rate in Germany. In the United States the rate is more than double that in the UK. A recent teenage pregnancy statistics claims that one million teens in the USA became pregnant over the last year. About one third ended in abortion; one third ended in spontaneous miscarriage; and one third continued their pregnancy and had their baby. And another teenage pregnancy statistics made in 12 colleges in the USA shows the following facts: More than half of them are 17 years old or younger when they have their first pregnancy. The poorer the young woman, the more likely she will become a mother.

Teenage pregnancy statistics acknowledged there was no single cause for teenage pregnancy, but four major factors are pointed out here: first, many young people think they will end up on benefit so there seem no reasons not to get pregnant. Second, teenagers don’t know enough about what being a parent will involve. Third, the media demonstrates too many things related to sex that young people are bombarded with sexual images, but they can’t discuss it at home with their parents. The last one, there is no enough sex education taught in school and teenagers don’t give good access to this kind of knowledge.

As for the consequences of teens` pregnancy, teenage pregnancy statistics shows that teenage mums are less likely to finish their education and get a decent job. Nearly one-third of teens who have babies before the age of 18 finish high school. What is even worse, they are more likely to become single parents and live in poverty. Almost half of all young mothers end up on welfare offered by the government. Meanwhile, their children are at greater risk of poor health and of becoming teenage mothers themselves. In fact, so many teenagers drop out of education and employment that creates a major problem to our society and economy.

In order to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate, parents should communicate more with your children about sex and love and try to make them aware the serious result of teenage pregnancy if it is possible, some of the teenage pregnancy statistics can also been given to them to make a warning.

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  1. anna says:

    im having an unplanned pregnancy and i dont noe how to tell my parents?

  2. Florian says:

    Anna, our daughter has an unplanned pregnancy as well, and from a guy whom I consider to be one of the greatest infidels & idiots in the world. When we found it initially things went really pearshape, but over time as parents we had to get used to it – in the end it’s more difficult for our daughter, as she has to deal with it for the rest of her life, than us, so she needs our help (which she gets). There will e a point in time where either you physically cannot hide it anymore, or psychologically are no longer able to hide it; the decision you have to make – and this is your own decision – is whether you intend to have the child or for whatever reason prefer not to have it. Your parents can and should support you either way, but they need to know what’s cooking – they are your parents, and you are their daughter, so I believe that together you may be best prepared to face the challenge.

    Good luck with everything !

  3. Kimberley says:

    i am having an unplanned teen pregnancy and i dont know how and when to tell my parents

  4. Katlyn says:

    I’m having an unplanned teen pregnancy and I told my parents. I told my mom first, then eventually told my dad.. since they are separated and he took it worst out of the two. It’s not as bad as you think, they are your parents and will love you unconditionally. They might be mad, or disappointed at first, but in time they will get over it. Everyone makes mistakes.

  5. taylor says:

    i also am pregnant as a teen, it was hard to tell my mom, but since she had my sister young she understood more. she wasn’t mad like i thought she’d be, and she didn’t hate me, she was glad that i was honest and it’s sort of brought us closer. we can talk more about personal stuff now than we ever have before. it’ll be hard i’m sure, but i have his family and mine supporting us.

  6. KEKE says:


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