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Signs & Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy) occurs when the fetus starts growing outside of the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy is mostly found in fallopian tube or some where else in the pelvic region. The fertilization of the egg (embryo) is carried in the fallopian tube and moved to the uterus for further development process. If there is no movement of embryo from fallopian tube to the uterus, then it will results in an ectopic pregnancy. This can be a severe problem for both the mother and the baby.

Reasons for Ectopic Pregnancy

If the tubal damage is in severe condition because of pelvic inflammatory disease, it will blocked completely. So, the movement of embryo from fallopian tube to the uterus is blocked permanently and the embryo starts growing in the fallopian tube rather then growing in the uterus.

There are symptoms which are commons in both ectopic pregnancy and ordinary pregnancy

There will be no periods{menstruation}: During the time of pregnancy, there will be no periods, as the fertilization started there will be no release of the hormones.
Breast enlargement: There will be enlargement of the breast size due to increase in sexual desire and changes in sexual hormonal of the body .
Vomiting {nausea}: Nausea is nothing but morning sickness, which makes the body uncomfortable during pregnancy. Due to non stability in the body conditions, vomiting occurs frequently. This is the most common symptom for the woman in the first part of the fertilization period.
• Tiredness{Fatigue}: During pregnancy, you will feel tired because of severe hormonal changes in the body. This is the main cause of fatigue and moreover, you have to carry
some additional weight .
• Urination Too Often: Fertilization of the baby grows in the uterus. So, generally there will be some pressure in the bladder which makes you want to visit the bathroom regularly than usual.
• You Will Put On Weight: You will gain weight gradually due to the increase in the food intake and size of the baby.
• Increase In Sexual Desire: Due to dramatic sexual hormonal changes. The body tends to have more sexual desires than before.
• Loosing Consciousness: During pregnancy, it is common to loose consciousness due to increase /decrease of blood pressure or sugar level and heart rate.
• Back Pain: Due to putting on weight, there are chances of getting back pain as the growing weight tends to move to the front side of the body which puts pressure on the back .
• Burning Sensation: Due to hormonal changes in the body, several kinds of acids will be released by the stomach creating a burning sensation in the body.

Additional Symptoms For Ectopic Pregnancies

• Severe pain in Pelvic or lower Abdominal
• Bleeding in Vaginal
• Pelvic and abdominal test cause severe internal pain.
• Due to internal bleeding, causes fainting and dizziness.
• Due to internal bleeding in the abdominal, causes severe shoulder pain.
• Severe pain while urinating
• Movement in the bowel causes severe pain
• Due to decrease in progesterone levels, there will be severe external bleeding.
• There will internal bleeding because of the tubal damage.
• Low back pain

These symptoms are also found in a miscarriage.

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