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Signs of Going Into Labor

In the days leading up to your pregnancy, you may experience a few tell tale signs that you will be going into labor soon. There are about seven regular events in this process; lightening, effacement, dilation, release of the cervical mucus plug, nesting, rupture of membranes, and Braxton Hicks contractions. This is not always true for all women and you should note that each individual has a unique experience in what occurs during and leading up to labor. No one knows for certain what triggers labor but understanding the signs can help you prepare for what will occur leading up to you going into labor.

Lightening is one of the first signs that you may be going into labor. This is when you feel the baby move toward the lower pelvic area. Most women find it easier to breathe when this occurs, but many suffer from pelvic and lower back pain or discomfort. There are certain women who don’t notice it at all. This usually occurs a week or two before going into labor for first time mothers and maybe a day or two before labor for women who have already have children.

Effacement is the ripening of the cervix, or when it is thinning out to prepare for childbirth. You will not feel this sign of coming labor; instead you will see your doctor and have regular vaginal examinations to determine the rate at which it is thinning and how thin it is. Effacement is usually expressed as a percentage, meaning when you are 50% effaced, your cervical lining is half as thick as it originally was. You must be 100% effaced, or have thinned all the way out, in order to give a vaginal birth.

Dilation is the opening of you cervix and is measured from zero to ten centimeters by your doctor. These cervical changes may be very slow at first. For example, many women will be dilated 2-3 centimeters for a week or two before the actual labor process. The progress you make isn’t really a sign that you’re about to immediately begin labor, but rather that you will begin labor in a short time. When labor does begin though, expect a more rapid dilation process.

The release of the cervical mucus, also called the bloody show, is not always an indicator that you will start labor right away, more that it is coming within a week or two. When you are pregnant, a thick mucus plug forms to keep bacteria from entering the uterus. It is released as a thick, stringy, generally brown discharge that is sometimes is tinged with blood (hints: the bloody show).

Nesting is a burst of energy that a woman has while she is pregnant where she sets up her baby’s room or color coordinates its clothes or does something like that to prepare for the delivery. This can occur a couple of months before labor and childbirth, but often there is a sudden reestablished interest in the setting up the baby’s things where the mother spends a day or two before going into labor worrying about having everything ready for the baby. This is a good and natural process that every kind of mother goes through, it is just important to not wear yourself out right before the really hard task of delivering the baby happens.

The rupture of membranes
, commonly known as having your water break, occurs when the amniotic sac that is filled with fluids that cushions your baby, is broken or leaks. This generally means that you will start labor soon. If your water breaks before term (before 36 weeks), you should go and see your doctor immediately, because something could be wrong and you and your baby are more susceptible to getting infections.

Braxton Hicks
contractions are also common before you start labor and have real contractions. During the last few months of your pregnancy, your body starts preparing itself for childbirth with these types of contractions. They are generally painless at first and may grow to become more painful when the time to give birth grows nearer. When you first feel these, it is a sensation of your cervix contracting and retracting and again, it is generally painless at first and is just your body’s warm up for the real thing. When they do start to hurt, they may feel like real contractions, some differences between these and the real ones include that they are irregular and the pain level fluctuates. You also might be able to stop the Braxton Hicks contractions by changing positions or going for a walk; you won’t be able to stop the real contractions. Where pain is concentrated is another way to possibly determine if these are false labor pains. During real labor the pain is concentrated in the upper abdomen and radiated through the abdomen and lower back, while the pain in false labor is in the lower abdomen.

False alarms occur often for women during the last weeks of pregnancy because of the Braxton Hicks contracts and other things that happen. You should not feel embarrassed or frustrated by this if it happens to you. Think of it as a practice run if you do have a false alarm. It is better to be safe then sorry in these types of situations.

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  1. Pregnancy says:

    Hi, I found your blog while gathering info about pregnancy symptoms. Wandering if you can help me…I had sex with my bf, unprotected sex to be more specific, and he came in me. My period started 3 days after that, but can I be pregnant? :-?? Also had some nausea

  2. karl says:

    stupid cow dont be daft how thick are you

  3. Ashley says:

    It’s a fact u can still get pregnant when you have ur period!

  4. joe dirt says:

    Jenny craig bitches bitche bitche

  5. favour says:

    i was told that i had hepatitis B, and am presently 36 weeks pregnant.

    How can i prevent my baby from being infected at birth?

  6. mummy 2 be says:

    Just because you got your period doesn’t mean you cant be pregnant. My friend had hers her entire pregnancy. Some women just do, everyone is different. If you don’t want to have a baby ALWAYS use protection. It can happen at anytime.

  7. pregnant fairy says:

    yes it could happen..its happend to a friend of mine.she never knew until she was about 4-5 yes it is possible

  8. aral says:

    Talk to a licenced doctor about that. Anything to do with something that serious should be brought up at an appointment.

  9. darline says:

    hi, i was reading the bried introduction above and i was just interesting in how can you get pregnant and still be on your period?

  10. RUTH MWALE says:

    how often should a baby make normal movemements in a 36 week pregnancy

  11. whut? says:

    Seriously? wtf. no you cannot have your period while youre pregnant since that would mean your uterus is shed and any egg would go with it. You can however have spotting and bleeding from rips or tears in your uterus, get your ass to the doctor and read a few books

  12. whut? says:

    Also, morning sickness takes about 4 weeks to start since thats when the placenta is building and your body is feeding the egg nutrients its self instead of using the placenta also because the egg implants after a while, it fertilizes then travels down, its not all in one day. You ovulate on average 2 weeks after your period for 1 day they egg survives. I highly doubt the egg was alive 3 days before your period. And for the woman with the question about movements in late pregnancy; the baby should move at least 10 times a day. even a slight movement is countable to the total movements in a day

  13. Amber says:

    at 36 weeks or even in general you doctor will tell you that you should feel at least 6 movments in two hours if you feel less then 6 you need to get checked by a doctor to make sure baby is not in distress

  14. mamamia says:

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so rude to other people seeking advice. Do you have nothing better to do then call complete strangers names?

  15. vicki says:

    i am currently 37 weeks pregnant, i was told at my 36 week appointment that no less than ten movements per day is normal, any less and you should contact your care provider

  16. ginger says:

    yall are all dumb!

  17. ginger says:

    not really im sorry

  18. robo says:


  19. robo says:

    10 movements a day or if u not felt baby move for 6 hours phone midwife for advice ,remember baby wont have much room now so u wont feel him/her bouncin round like usuall

  20. Little Mama says:

    First of all, yes women can have what looks to them like a light period during pregnancy. More & more women are getting pregnant & never knowing until they go into labor. Because in the last 5 years pregnancy tests are becoming less & less accurate. Urine tests & Blood Tests, as well as Doctor administered tests. If you are 100% perfectly healthy and have NEVER taken any form of birth control, THEN the tests are 99.8% effective.

    Second of all: “karl”, “joe dirt”, & “whut?”, leave these women the hell alone. You obviously have no F***ing clue what you are talking about. Also: “Aral”, not everyone has the money or available health insurance to just go to the doctor. Also I went to the doctor too, 2 times before those dumb A**es finally figured out what the H*ll was going on with my body.

    I had no period for 2 1/2 years. (Caused by Depo-Provera) I had not had a shot for 1 1/2 years, when I found out I was pregnant. I was already 38 weeks pregnant. (And no I am not fat, I lost a ton of weight during my pregnancy, & was hardly showing 3-4 months when I was 38 weeks Pregnant.) And since I had taken the depo (Depo is administered every 3 months. I had been given 3 shots.), I found out that the pain that felt like I was being ripped open from the inside of my stomach, was caused from a reaction to the Depo shot. The laboratory made hormones in the shot thinned my Uterine lining dangerously thin. I also found out that the burning sensation in my Pelvic bone, was caused by an unknown trauma (doctor said more likely when I was a kid.) had cracked my Pelvis. & the increasing weight of my baby was too much for my body to stand. I almost had a broken pelvis, before I found out what was going on. In the end I had my healthy (luckily) baby girl by C-Section, one week after finding out. I had been on bed-rest & constant monitoring in the Hospital until then.

    Take my advise, be VERY careful when you get pregnant. Even with our advanced technology, you can still have complications, & even death of you or your newborn.
    When considering Pregnancy, or having sex without condoms;

    ***Proceed With Care***

  21. toni says:

    hi all iv got four kids and iv had periods all the way threw with all four babys so it is true it does happen

  22. nydeja says:

    none of this stuff is true

  23. mommy 2 two, 1 on the way says:

    WOW some people are really rude. You don’t have to be rude just say you should get a pregnancy test or something don’t be rude. And yes you can have a “period” while pregnant. My sister-in-law did when she was pregnant with her daughter. Her daughter was also born at 30 wks.

    Don’t be so rude people.

    I am 37 wks 5 days pregnant with my third baby and now have diarrhea. But there has been a stomach bug going around too. So honestly i don’t know if its a sign of labor comming on soon or the stomach bug going around. I guess i’ll have to wait and see huh? lol

  24. cass says:

    im currently 7 months pregnant, and i have been spotting and the baby’s foot has been at the bottom of my rib cage and hurting like hell. im in so much pain but i dont think im going into labor. what do i need to do?

  25. Mrsp says:

    I agree with the comment about being rude! You really are not making yourselves look that great at all!
    10 movements per 12 hours.
    Only way to find out if you are pregnant or not is to do a test, don’t think bleeding is good during pregnancy though. Go to the doctors for advice if you need it.

  26. pgw/#6 says:

    yes you can bleed while pg, a lot of women mistake it for a period but it is refered to early pg bleeding by drs. it is normal and some women have it through out their whole pg. if u are not trying to get pg u should always use condems and be on birth control, condems should be used even if on bc b/c its not 100% and any kind of antibiotics will make the bc not work. but u can look up early pg bleeding online

  27. 36 weeks moma to be says:

    Having questions about or during pregnancy is very normal and NOONE should be making fun of someone because they think the question is stupid!!! There are no stupid questions!!!!!!

  28. Are you Kidding... says:

    You CAN have a period while you’re pregnant. More than one person I know, including my own mother who I know didn’t lie to me about it, have had periods for several months into pregnancy. Every body is different, and every pregnancy is different. As far as morning sickness.. You can’t put a time on it as to when it will start. I didn’t even know I was pregnant, I thought I had flu symptoms, I was barely pregnant and it was the morning sickness that lasted all day for a few days that is what led me to take a test. It’s pretty low that women search for answers to questions and others have to belittle them and make them feel stupid for it! Pregnancy and the way everything works is very confusing, even doctors don’t always agree on everything involved, so who are you to treat people that way when there’s a pretty big chance that you’re wrong yourself! As far as pregnancy, don’t rule anything out because everyone is different and different things happen to everyone!

  29. Kodah says:

    dude, there are several people out there now that do have their period while pregnant. alot of them dont even know they are pregnant because of it. i know someone that had it throughout their whole pregnancy and auctaully had it a week before they went into labor. it ended and the next day the baby came. doctors used to think you couldnt but new age has proved them wrong. things change, people develop differently then they did in the past. you dont need to be so fuckin cruel to others when you obviously dont know EXACTLY what can and cannot happen. just like nowdays kids 8 yrs old are starting their periods, 50 years ago that was unheard but now it happens alot. once again, THINGS CHANGE. books also say every pregnant women loses her mucus plug and with my son i gained like 10 pounds throughout the whole pregnancy, noone ever knew i was pregnant and i never lost my mucus plug. we had a qucik and not very painless labor, water broke and he was there. easy as can be. born very healthy. nobody knows whats going to happen, its different for everyone. now with my 2nd pregnancy with my daughter ive gained 20 lbs and started showing at 2 months, fat as hell so with everyone and every baby its all different. people need to understand that and not be so rude to others. just because it doesnt happen to you that way doesnt mean it wont happen to someone else.

  30. jesse says:

    all you people leaving rude comments are so damn immature people ask questions cause they want to see what other people have to say or what kind of advice they can get, immature ass holes.

  31. Hayley says:

    I can not belive how rude some of you have been on here……. This is obviously something that is on her mind, and if she wants to talk about it – or find out more information, Then that exactly what this page is for and she has come to the right place!!!!
    You can indeed continue to have a period through out your pregnacy – Read up on it!!!! And i was alos told that any less then 10 kicks in a day -You should see your midwife or doctor. Poeple are obviously being given different advice, But dont Mock someone for asking the question in the frist place -How rude!!!!!!

  32. Goddess. says:

    Ok. I think the negative people on here really should piss off. Girls don’t need negativity when it comes to topics like this. Grow up, or better yet, don’t waste your time on blogs like this just to call people stupid. Get a life!

    Also, it is possible to have a period whilst being pregnant, its not exactly the same thing as a period because eggs are not being released, however your body can still be tricked into shedding a lining. It should stop itself after a while. If not you should talk to your dr. about it.

    Finally, there is a slim to none chance that you can get pregnant while on your period, but the chances of that happening are like, .01 to 2 percent. If however it happened before your period, and you are feeling symptoms of pregnancy get yourself a pee-stick to be on the safe side. Just so your not all stressed out about it, because stress is no good for babies:)

  33. tara says:

    you can get pregnant 7 days before and 7 days after ur period i got mine right up till i was 6 months pregnant with my daughter

  34. Krissi says:

    Actually from experience, you can have period like bleeding while your pregnant. Its not really you shedding your uterus lining like with a period, its implantation bleeding, or another form of bleeding, for example, your vaginal blood vessels swell and sometimes pop, it’s not painful btw. And you can get pregnant while on your period. Both my children are proof of that. Sperm stays living inside of you for up to 72hrs. So depending on when you start your period, and have sex, depends whether or not you can get pregnant. My 1st child, I had no idea I was pregnant. I just realized one day that I was 3 wks late, got to the dr that day. Lo and Behold, I was 6.5wks pregnant. My 2nd child, thought for sure I had gotten pregnant the beginning of December bc I had been having my “periods” (although a little more odd then usual i.e. not as long, or more brownish then red) Went into the dr expecting to only be maybe 5wks along, and found out I was actually 2.5mos along already.
    But as I said, you can have period like symptoms, and think its a period, when its not. Kind of like being pregnant and bleeding after sex or orgasm, if you twist just right it can cause a little bleeding, if you over exert yourself it can cause a little bleeding, so on and so forth. You become very fragile. I dropped a soda on my toes, broke 2 of my toes, and from jerking so hard it caused me to bleed off and on for almost 3days. Dr said all was fine, I just ruptured some of the veins in that general area. Which is easy to do since they become swollen and thin. Anywho, hope that helps.

  35. mom says:

    you can still get your period with your pregnancy, sometimes it can be your period, depending on circumstances. My gym teacher in high school was 1 of 2 babies conceived at different times. The first one died, the 2nd was her. I have a bicornate uterus, which is heart shapped, and it’s like it’s 2 1/2 hearts connected with a barrier in between, there is 2 fallopian tube and 1 ovary to each side of my uterus, so i could carry 1 baby and have my period on the other side, or have an egg released, and get pregnant meanwhile have 2 due dates or miscarry 1. my doctor also told me with my baby, 3 weeks ago, and i’m 34 1/2 weeks now, that i should be feeling my baby move 6 times in 2 hours, but if i’m uncertain, i should lay on my left side, and do some recording of movements to help monitor for concern. That is an idea you can do to talk to do so you have more information to talk to your doctor about, to see if it’s really a concern about how much your baby is moving. Recording can be how much it moves, and how long.

  36. baby boo says:

    f ur hving sex n protection? a condom, thin condom, will u get pregnant? whats the percentage u’ll get pregnnt?

  37. bigmama says:

    Just 1 question…KARL…r u a man??coz am nt actually sure , dont mean to b sexist but am sure people reading this wil agree when i say the comment you made was most likely to b from a male point of view.
    that poor girl was obviousley looking for some honest advice n for piece of mind..not to b riddiculed from someone who clearly dosnt have the foggiest idea!!

    Yes to answer ur question it can happen it happnd to a girl i worked with and she never knew she was pregnant until she was 6 months and felt strange movements in her tummy…dont ask me how this happens but it advice would be to seek advive from your doctor,they should cb able to tell you straight away..good luck chick wotever the outcome!!

  38. Taz says:

    You can have periods while being pregnant i am on my forth pregnancy and have had periods right the way through all of mine right up till birth. Im now 37 weeks with my forth and still having periods at the same time i do while not being pregnant all of my children were large and healthy the largest was 10 pound smallest 9 pounds. Every pregnancy is different for each person If you are worried about anything ask you doctor or midwife.

    As for getting pregnant while on a period this is possible as your body can release two eggs a few days apart unless you only have one ovary. I can only say really that if you do not wish to have a child use some protection next time. There are alot of good ones you can use your self again ask your doctor for advise.

  39. Lynda says:

    OMG – some people on here are disgusting. The initial comment was she had a period 3 days after sex – of course she can stil have a period and she could be pregnant.

    I conceived my 1st daughter on the 24 May and had a full period on 3 June and guess what? 3 March my daughter was born, so all you ignorant people who think people are THICK, go take a look in the mirror and maybe read some books to enlighten you before posting nasty comments.

    Thick as pig shit rings bells!!!!

  40. ash says:

    hi. I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child. In my first pregnancy I had a really light period.. Only 3 days long.. And it was really light which led me to take a pregnancy test. I took two home tests and both were negative but I was pregnant. With this baby I had a period in the beginning as well.. Really light, and only three days.. My normal periods are heavy and long so I knew something was up. I took another pregnancy two tests one was negative one was positive.. Finally got checked and was pregnant. It’s very possible to bleed while pregnant. This has been a very difficult pregnancy for me I’ve been in and out of the hospital with false labor and once even had to have my labor stopped because it was preterm. Now that I’m full term I have contractions everyday. Had a drs appointment monday and I am dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced. The doctor stretched me and stripped the membranes to help get labor started. I’m just so miserable and depressed, it’s hard being this pregnant with a 4yr old. They demand so much attention. I really hope I go into labor soon I have all the signs but these braxton hicks are really pissing me off.. Either get stronger or go away!

  41. rachael says:


    thank you, that was very helpful. and made me feel alot more prepared :)
    now i know what to ask my doctor about

  42. OB to clear things up says:

    Good-day Ladies,
    Let me politely clear some things up for some ladies who have concerns. As unnecessarily stern as it was stated “Whut?” is correct when she states that there is no period during pregnancy. The purpose of a period is to shed the lining of the uterus and wash the egg that has not fertilized. However, women have been known to bleed or spot during pregnancy and there are a number of things that can cause this. No matter your financial position for your own safety if you suspect your are pregnant there are clinics that can check and if you’re bleeding you want to make sure you are not miscarrying or that you are not having an ectopic pregnancy which can cause death if not detected. Secondly someone asked about hepatitis and yes you can pass that onto your child , but there are precautions that can be provided by a medical provider, lastly most practitioners such as myself and Dr.’s will inform you that on average the baby should be kicking 8-10 times a day. And ladies no matter how silly or ignorant a question may seem to one person the answer may help a dozen more so please be patient with one another , we are all potential mothers and need each other during this very sensitive time. God Bless and take care.

  43. Mizz Momma says:

    Some of you people are soo rude.. People are just asking questions..

  44. she-Gynae says:

    Right, so here is the thing…. I am an obstetrician. Delivered my 592nd baby today. Mother of 6, very healthy children.
    Those of you who are so KNOWLEGABLE about pregnancy and birth, that you consider it fine to be rude to women asking questions, should perhaps consider consulting a psychological website for your own insecurity and low self image, not a page about pregnancy and labour.

    Yes, it is common NOT to have any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. But, due to increased blood flow in ALL mucus membranes, including vagina and cervix, it is also quite common to have period like vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.
    If you have unprotected sex, and experience bleeding 3 days after, it is possibly ‘IMPLANTATION’ bleeding. Now that is a strange thing, hey guys??? In fact, it is when the embrio embeds itself in the lining of the uterus. The official beginning of pregnancy!
    Nausea during pregnancy commonly starts around 4 weeks gestation, but it is quite common to start having nausea immediately, as the hormones cuasing it, starts working immediately after conception, and some women are more sensitive to them.

    Now, you uneducated assholes, with nothing better to do than to try and humiliate people on websites, because you don’t have the balls to take your frustration out on a person face to face….. You are all invited to help me at my practice, and experience 592 pregnancies and deliveries for yourself….. And see, that each and every one of them are different!

  45. 38 weeks pregnant and waiting says:

    i have to say i find u all very funny : )
    u can get pregnant 3 days b4 ur period however its very unlikely but i would gofor a check up or take a test to check. i feel my baby move all the time day and night. its very uncomfortable sitting or lyin down for to long as he tends to stick his feet under my rib and it hurts.

    websites like this are made so people can ask questions to people in the same situation so if u can t answer honestly with facts. i don t see the point in being rude or stupid about it

  46. jadee says:

    of course you can still be prego if you get your period..just not as likely.
    Also i had pee tests and they all said i wasnt prego so yeah get a blood test after 3-4 weeks of ovulation(that clear stuff that comes out) if you’ve had sex after that protected or not..

  47. dora says:

    i noticed watery brownish color like egg coming rushing out,is it the mucus your talking about?

  48. Baby #2 on the way says:

    I had my period and was ovulating at the same time. It was very hard to get pregnant, but I timed it right and at the last end of my period, it worked…I have endometriosis, so that is why everything was messed up. Bbay is due in 3 months and I did have regular periods for the first 4 months.

  49. stephhh says:

    im pretty sure yu can be pregnant. im 35 weeks pregnant now and the same thing happenned to me. i had sex and like 3-4 days later i had my period, then like four weeks later i went to the doctors and they told me i was 6 weeks pregnant. Now my due dates been moved up to next week.

  50. laranti says:

    seriously i can not believe how rude people are i am pregnant for the third time i thought i was only 2 months but the scan predated the pregnancy by my last two periods and so bleeding during pregnancy can happen with my son i threw up from when i was round a week pregnant so yeah all things are different

  51. kaz says:

    yes you could be pregnant sweet. I had sex with my partner on the sunday and my period started on the following tuesday, and i am now expecting my 3 child due in only 4 more weeks so yes it can happen exactly the way it may have for you. Don’t listen to the people on here that think they know all but clearly know nothing!! Get yourself checked by your doctor and goodluck. oh, and just a comment for ‘WHUT?’ you are a complete moron who should clearly not pass your DNA on 1 idiot like you in the world is too many, GET A LIFE!

  52. Sam says:

    It is possible to become pregnant although your period came just a few days later.. so get tested.

    Besides the very rare two way vajayjay.. it is IMPOSSIBLE to have your period while pregnant. If you actually understand what a period is, you will know this, and in fact it is just spotting that you can mistake as your period., which can be a common symptom for some woman.

    Don’t worry yourself about the movements.. My doctor also told me 10 a day. (Late in pregnancy when there isn’t much room). Good times to watch for it is after meals and before going to bed. If you haven’t felt anything for awhile and become worried, try drinking orange juice and lying on your side. :)

  53. Baby On The Way :) says:

    this is my 3rd pg but i misscarryed the other two im dead sceard of losing this baby what can i do to stop it??

  54. Davide says:

    you are all pretty daft actually, the first comment is “link marketing” done poorly. It’s a spam comment, and you’ve wasted time replying to it.

  55. pregnant says:

    ummmm I HAD MY PERIOD FOR 2 months. of my pregnancy for 2 of my kids.. soyes in fact u can!!!

  56. mama to be says:

    first off you can get pregnet when you have your period. i did. but if you are pregnet you CAN NOT get your period. if you are infact bleeding every month around or at the time as you would have your period, its not actually your period. some women bleed throughout their pregnancy and sometimes that can be normal and can impaire your judgement for a while if you dont know that you are pregnet yet until other symptoms such as morning sickness mood swings and being overly tired.

  57. 9months an loving it says:

    lol boy you know who knows wat they are talking about an who dont yal negative ppl must be board let ppl come an get wat they are here for an thats advice! Im 9months an with my first child im 19 an i have had a good pregnancy so far my due date is 1 26 11 im so ready for tyler oneal young. . . I did bleed in the beginning but stopped. . . An i love all the positive answers an questions!

  58. A first time mom to be. says:

    Ok, I was told no less then 10 movements a day and since my unborn son is like a night owl he’s mostly active at night. I seriously have felt him kick me and move atleast 36 times if not
    more. And I’m also experancing the lightening part of pregnancy where
    my son is pushing down more and it is very uncormable to sleep. I’m 37 weeks and 2 days pregnant. So I can have
    my son at anytime with in a week or two. I wish I
    could give you women some more advice but this is my first baby and I don’t know what to say. I got pregnant the day and I mean seriously te day after my period ended. So it is possible. Go to a obgyn doctor or midwife and tell them. They will have more answes then all of us.

  59. mommy.of.2.boys.09 says:

    I’m 31 weeks and had a turbulaine shot the other day because I was contracting. I am now dilated to a 1 and still having daily contrations…I have also lost my mucus plug. Any advice on how long you can go before having the baby with these conditions?

    Any advice or input would be great…I’m super nervous!

  60. me says:

    Actually WHUT? yu can have your period while you are pregnant, my sister had her period during her pregnancy and bled for 5 months she didnt know she was pregnant until she felt flutters in her tummy, she took a pregnancy test and it was positive, she then went to the doctors and they told her she was 5 months pregnant. So maye you should go and talk to your doctor and ask if its true or not instead of reading books about it!

  61. nicj says:

    ave had 4 children and you dont alway know when you are pregnant. i had no signs of pregnancy with the 1st two and the 2nd pregnancy was a twin pregnancy. the thride pregnancy i had sickness from the moment i concived i no this for a fact as i thought i was nearly 11weeks when i had some havey bleeding and when i was scaned i was only 4 weeks into my preganancySICKNESS DOES NOT ALWAYS START WHEN THE BOOKS AND DOCTORS TELL YOU IT SHOULD. I CONCIVED MY YOUNGEST CHILD WHILE I WAS ON MY PERIOD! ANY THING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE HUMAN BODY!!!!

  62. Mel says:

    I am just reading this now, but I hope that the total complete jerks of people who were so incredibly rude and nasty to these girls and women who are confused and scared and need advice and probably quite young a lot of them are reading this comment because I want you to know that thankfully the universe has a way of ahem shall we say “rewarding” people like you and it’s not pretty

  63. Mel says:

    I absolutely cannot believe how utterly it’s beyond rude and uncalled for some of these comments are, predominantly by men I see(or at least appear to have men’s names), who probably wouldnt have a clue about most of this stuff anyway and just feel the need to be arrogant pricks because they are cowards and not real men so slagging of women by typing into a computer screen where noone can trace them is the only way they can feel good about themselves.

  64. Ashley Truman says:

    actually you can have your period during a pregnancy im on my 4th pregnancy and with my first pregnancy i had my period every month on the dot for 5mths til i noticed i started to gain weight, ive also had my period with the other 3 pregnancies for the first 2-4mths so it can happen……just like you can get pregnant while your having your period and even sometimes on some types of birth control my 1st and 2nd were conceived on the pill, i miscarried on the needle

  65. Crystal says:

    U can bleed, yes…. But it’s not technically a “period” which as earlier stated by another post, would mean the monthly shedding of egg and uterine content….

  66. Crystal says:

    Im currently 38w1d pregnant… and my doctor told me that from about 28-30 weeks preg you should feel 10 kicks within 2 hours. If not felt then drink something carbonated or sugary… then lay down on left side… to see if they occur in the 2 hours….

  67. MommaMcHenry says:

    You can not have your period during pregnancy… if you are bleeding then it is something else like spotting or somthing more serious is wrong but every single doctor i have asked and every website i have visited says the same thing… if you are bleeding heavily every month while you are opregnant then get to the hospital because something is wrong. Dont be on here telling preggos that they can have their periods while pregnant cuz then you could be endangering the health of their babies. geeze, do some friggin research before you start spouting off crap like that.

  68. MommaMcHenry says:

    and no im not trying to start cyber drama but im also pre-med as are all my closest friends and no it isnt a period you are having if you are pregnant, it looks like a period but it isnt.

  69. Swtyp777 says:

    Now ladies, it is not possible to have your period when u are pregnant .. My doctor told that it is not possible .. U can have bleeding but it is not your period .. The bleeding is just from being pregnant .. Now I u want to make sure, talk to your doctor instead of listening to people on hear!

  70. 32 weeks says:

    NO you cannot have a period while you’re pregnant. Yes you can spot or even bleed but it is not your period! instead of asking ignorant people on here you should see a doctor not everyone is the same. The doctor will tell u. It is not a period if you bleed while you’re pregnant. this is my third pregnancy. And all the women that “don’t know that they are pregnant” is a crock of !@#$

  71. 21 and prego says:

    Okay so I know that in pregnancy constipation is just one of those things that happens but I’ve never had this before. I am 36 weeks today and the past couple hours feel as if I have to go to the bathroom but can’t it is not a horrible pain just rather uncomfortable and now getting kind of a coming and going cramping feeling is this constipation or should I be worried ?

  72. jon says:

    Hey my girlfriend is going on 8 month and she is having really bad pains as if they were contractions me being a first time father what can I do to help her get through those kinds of pains and we do not know when she concived but she thinks they are contractions. And it worrys me when she goes through. The pains that she goes through if anyone could help me out it would be awsome thanks jon

  73. Why don’t u all stop being so rude and nasty speak to ur gp/ midwife they know more than any1 that’s my advice

  74. mommy to be (baby girl) says:

    Can’t everyone get along….

  75. Erin says:

    me and my boyfrenn are a young couple and we had sex on sunday and i got my period monday evening but i have been throwiing up and i mean we have had sex other times before where he has came in me and i think i am pregant any advice ?

  76. riztys says:

    See your doctor or ob gyn.

  77. printzass says:

    Hi All, while forums such as this are great for basic story swapping and sharing, for serious medical situations medical advice should always be saught out. Every pregnancy is different and everyone is different, what is “normal” or has happened to someone else may be an indication of a problem requiring prompt medical attention for yourself depending on your medical history. Depending on your area of residence you can chose to consult actual medical information websites, health hotlines over the phone, or visit a health care professional.

  78. Kristel says:

    How rudeeeee are some people :@

    Yes hun u could b pregnant because I had the exact same thing happen too me with my partner whilst on holiday and I had a light period 3days later and 2weeks after that found out I was pregnant!! I am now 37 weeks gone and have had no more bloody shows and everything is fine with my Lil boy :D hope this helps u :)

    Good luck

    O I was told by my midwife 12 movements in 10 hours x

  79. 1st Time Mommy 2 Be! (Baby Girl) :D says:

    I was told if I feel no movements for a good chunk of the day that I should go lie down and drink a cold glass of water and if she doesn’t move 10times within 2 hours go to the hospital… I am seeing 10 times/12hours. I was on Depo (Birth Control Needle) as well before I ended up with Cancer at 18yrs old. I am now 21 almost 22 and will be 38weeks on May 26th! I am so excited! I hope everyone has a healthy birth and everything goes well… Oh, and btw You immature Low Life Pieces of Scum! Get A Life! Everyone Women Is Different! You can have your ‘period’ during pregnancy! Too many people in this world are MESSED in the head! Well Hope all of the Mommys-to-be are happy and enjoy the Little Bundle Of Joy! I am so excited yet I can’t wait for My little Girl we are naming Angel to come into this world!

  80. sunshyne says:

    Hey, I had sex on April 16 2011, in may I was a day late on my period and it only lasted all together for 24 hrs and was very light. Now its june and I am 3 days late with very little spotting. I have taken 2 tests btwn then and now and they are both negative. But recently I have been having constant headaches and nausea, and a little heart burn, and some slight cramps kinda feels like I have bubbles in my stomach! Idk what to do has this happened to anyone before. Thank you

  81. nikkij says:

    What a terrible bunch of comments, swearing trashing..and some of you have children or are about to have children, time to grow up, you look terrible with the way you talk, when people ask for help or advice the last thing they need is your trash talk..if you need to behave like i child please dont have one….

  82. nikkij says:


    you can have your period during your pregnancy it is rare but does happen, I work with a obgyn, and have in the past woman who do go through this, so your research it not yet complete yourself, the younger you are the more likely it is, teen pregnancy especially.

  83. Ashley says:

    everybody needs to stop swearing and insulting others on this website/blog. This is a pregnacy blog and to reply and state mean, aggressive statements is so beyond me. I don’t understand why anybody would write such things on here.

  84. Ashley says:

    And aswell for all thoughs people swearing and writing and talking in a trashy mannor…i feel really sorry for your children…so, next time you write a nasty comment when somebody is just asking something…think twice…because one day ur child may be faced with that dilma

  85. Abortionist says:

    Your all a bunch of hormonal cows!!!
    Men rule this earth. You are here as our slaves
    if Allah cared for you at all he wouldn’t use you as a worthless baby incubator.
    Useless piles of flesh!!!
    ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!

  86. Puke says:

    Jesus I think its okay to be “rude” if people ask questions in a stupid way, there are better ways of saying “my bf came in me”, such as “unprotected sex” maybe? You all sound like newly sexually active 13 year old sluts, this is health class shit your asking about when other women have actual GOOD questions that cant be answered by asking Mommy…or consulting common sense. Rock on “rude” people.

  87. Puke says:

    Also, this was very helpful, thank you :) *currently counting contractions, 38 1/2 weeks along*

  88. Dee says:

    Hi everyone!
    Just after advice I’m 34wks preg with my second
    But my first was a c/s (cause of being breech)
    I didn’t get any pains (Braxton hicks etc) in that
    Pregnancy! Now with this one I do and mainly has just
    Started my baby is engaged and was wondering
    The simptions of labour (start)
    Like pains start where
    Do u feel sick
    Do u hve the runs
    All advice would be great thanks

  89. me says:

    I conceived whilst on my period on my wedding night so i have to say that this can happen. it couldnt have been before as we had a 2 week break to try and increase the special effect of wedding night consumation. so u can get pregnant whilst on a period i am proof.
    and why are some of u so mean? girls want advice, pregnancy is scary and labour very daunting time. i am anxious as just dont know what 2 expect.

  90. Wowwza says:

    Im shocked that ppl would be so rude to each other on a thread about labor and delivery. This is the first one I have read that is like this.

  91. sarah says:

    yes hi this is my first pregnancy and am havin twins next month,had alot of questions from day one an still do,so the best person to ask the questions is always your doctor,because thats the one u gonna trust with ur life an ur baby,so don’t be scared to ask anything.and they are the ones we go visit anyways 2 be on the safe side always go 4 ur check ups when u notice sumthing out of the ordinary just be alert aren’t they the ones who tell us if sumthing wrong and keeps us up 2 date well anywhoe be careful an keep urself a journal 2 monitor the weird events bye

  92. Sarah says:

    I wanted to comment on how “true” labor pains are described in this article.
    My whole labor with my son, my midwife kept asking me where I felt the pain and it was solely in my lower abdomen and lower back. She told me as labor progressed I would start to feel contractions across my entire uterus and upper abdomen – this NEVER happened. The whole time the only pain I felt was in my lower abdomen and lower back. It was still very intense and painful and it was definitely “true” and active labor.
    As someone else commented, every pregnancy and every labor is an individual experience and impossible to generalize and be 100% accurate.

  93. zag says:

    abortionist u should be so ashamed of ur self being a muslim and haveing trash like that 2 say ,i wonder how ur mom would feel if u tell her tht,u busterd bloody coward,dog,pig,nerd,just piss off.

  94. c says:

    Why are boys on a website about pregnancy?

  95. mom 2 b of no 4 says:

    Greetings of peace 2 all moms. Only u feel the special miracle grow inside u. I’m proud 2 b an ‘incubator’2 my miracle. Good luck wit all the uncomfies. Its not easy. But its worth it.I am 1 lucky muslim lady.

  96. Amber says:

    YES, you most certainly can have a period while being pregnany.. No need to be getting cocky with something you obviously don’t have the right facts for. I had a period the first 2 months with my first child.. & the dr said it happens nothin to worry about!!

  97. 2 years preg says:

    I have a 13 month old and i’m 37 weeks pregnant. I never felt contractions with my son and i have been feeling contractions and had a pretty odd leakage that didnt come from pee hole so kinda scared me…

  98. Mom of 4 says:

    I have had vaginal discharge but not sure if it’s my bf cum, cuz we had sex about 2 days ago or if it’s the mocus plug. I am about 36 wks n 3 days. I was wiping down there and i was noticing a gel like/clear sticky discharge. I had to wipe like 4x in order to clean entirely. thanks :D

  99. lil momma says:

    im now 38 wks pg with my 2nd child i did not make it this far with my first one so every thing i feel its like being pg for the first time i had my first daughter at 26 weeks now she will be 4yrs soon she is healthy as hell 1 n a mil i guess nothing wronge with her but with this one ive been realy careful im hurting all the time and i just started spotting but its browinsh my husbands at work he is un reachable till 6pm i dnt know if i should go to the hospital or not i have my 3yr old wit me and no 1 to watch her i just have so many worries and dono wat to do

  100. babyblues says:

    i am 35weeks and am having sever lower pain i am on my thired kid but with my first two i did not go throw labor pains my first i was enduced my second i was in full blown labor and did not know it what can i do?

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