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Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Doctors say that the second trimester of the pregnancy is the most comfortable of the three trimesters. The woman feels less fatigued in her second trimester. While the woman is in her first trimester, there is a constant danger of miscarriage. When she enters her second trimester, this danger has already passed. The initial symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea and dizziness also get over.

A woman’s body undergoes more changes during this time. While the baby in her womb continues to grow, he breasts start secreting ‘colostrum’ or milk. During this stage of the pregnancy, the woman’s heart also starts pumping more blood than it normally does, and even increases in size. Meanwhile, the baby also starts to show important changes. This is the time when its facial features become more defined than earlier. This means that it starts forming its forehead, nose, and chin. It starts to grow in height. As its muscle development takes place simultaneously, the baby starts to smile and frown. Also, some body hair starts appearing on the baby’s frame.

However, the third trimester is not devoid of all problems. It comes with its set of complications, the most important of which is diabetes. Diabetes is a common condition among women who are in their second trimester. It is referred to as ‘gestational diabetes’. This mainly occurs during pregnancy because, at times, the pregnancy hormones start influencing the production of insulin in a woman’s body. Almost 10% of all pregnancies suffer from gestational diabetes. While gestational diabetes disappears after pregnancy, it is important for the woman to get herself examined for it, and to take steps to prevent it.

Another common problem that women face in their second trimester is that they are unable to sleep on their back, as the fetus starts to pressurize the blood vessels. It is advisable therefore, that women sleep on their side and use pillows to prop them up.

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