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Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, everyone should do some safe exercise. Exercise makes you free from all sorts of pregnancy symptoms and it makes your muscles strong and strengthens your immune system. When it is time for delivery, you need to work hard for childbirth and you’ll be well prepared if you learn how to exercise safely.  Exercising also help you recover your body shape after giving childbirth.

These pregnancy exercises should not cause any stress to you or your baby. Make sure you have a good diet as well. Also, avoid working out too hard as it may cause birth defects due to overheating of the body temperature. Some of the activities may not be suitable for the people who are in the last stage of pregnancy. Before trying these activities, consult your family doctor and take suggestions.

Walking: This is the best exercise for pregnant women. Walking is well prescribed by every doctor during your entire pregnancy period. This safe walking exercise makes your knee muscles and abdomen muscles strong enough to handle difficult situation. You can carry this exercise as a daily activity.
Running or jogging { for first 4 months}: This exercise puts a lot of pressure on your heart and force your body to work more rigorously. This exercise should not be done by women who are 5 months into their pregnancy.
Swimming: The best exercise  of all for pregnant women is swimming. Swimming makes the body weightless and puts lots of muscles to work.
Yoga: The best exercise for making the body flexible and stretchable. Yoga helps in maintaining stable heart rate ,blood level and sugar level. Doing too much exercise can cause problem, please avoid doing over stretchable exercise.
Breathing Exercise: This exercise helps in increasing your oxygen blood levels and bring stiffness to the muscles. This exercise is a good work out for heart pumping with high oxygen levels.
Aerobics: There are some special aerobic exercises for pregnant women. They help in stretching the body with ease.
Pilate Exercise: Pliate is mostly preferred by all pregnant women because it helps in getting back your body shape after childbirth. Pilate exercise helps in strengthening
your pelvic floor muscles and makes you free from back pain.

While doing any pregnancy exercise, if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned below, please stop exercising immediately. If you workout too hard, it can cause birth defects because your body might experience over strain and overheating.

  1. Tiredness{Fatigue}
  2. Dizziness
  3. Back Pain
  4. Burning sensation
  5. Nausea

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