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Recovery from Hysterectomy

Women normally take six to eight weeks to recover from a hysterectomy. They are observed in the hospital itself for one or two days just after the surgery is performed. Experts suggest an examination about four weeks after the surgery. Possible hysterectomy side effects may occur after undergoing a hysterectomy surgery.

After returning to a normal life from the surgery, women need to take some precautions. They should take care to wash the incision with soap water to keep it clean. The area around the incision might start itching, so women can make use of lotions to keep itching away. Women who have undergone hysterectomy should avoid lifting heavy objects till about four weeks of their surgery. According to experts, physical intercourse too, should be avoided in the first couple of weeks after the surgery. Any physical activity such as exercises should be put off for the first two weeks after the surgery, however, women can get back to their work in about three weeks’ time.

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