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Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a test used to scan the images of the growing fetus (baby) along with some pelvic organs of the pregnant woman. The test gives you the images of the fetus by sending sound waves through the testing probe.

Ultrasound is recommended by the doctors to check the pregnancy status and it helps:

• To know the age and position of the fetus
• To determine of any potential birth defects
• To learn if there are any development problems in the growing fetus
• To examine the formation of crucial organs

The ultrasound test can be performed during any stage of pregnancy depending on your blood report.

Test Procedure

Before taking the ultrasound test, make sure to fill the belly with water. The pregnant woman is laid down on the bed with a polymer gel pasted on her belly. The doctor will then move an electronic probe on the belly that send sound waves. The reflected sound waves are converted into electrical signals through transducers, and images are displayed on the screen. During the test process, there will be some pressure on the belly due to the pasted gel, with a wet and cold feeling. The ultrasound test contains no radiations. So, it is safe to take this test .

If Any of the Following Appears in a pregnant woman, may be cause for concern:

• If there is a problem in the position of the fetus in the mother’s womb
• If there is any miscarriage
• If there is too much polyhydramnios
• If there are any presence of tumors in the womb
• If there are multiple pregnancies
• If there is any growth problem in the fetus
• If there is a birth defect
• If there is any problem in placenta, uterus or pelvis.

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  1. linda glendenning says:

    hi, i am about 37 weeks pregnant. My problem is my Dr. (OB/GYN) requested an ultrasoound fine, I return to her for a follow-up she walks into the exam room asnd says ok Linda you are not pregnant!!!! She said they didnt see a baby I’m totally shocked and dismayed at these words! I know pregnant! This is #3 for me!!! 40lbs weight gain all the symptoms and about 37 weeks later a positive blood test,a positive heart beat, and very active baby inside!! What gives? I am very stressed about this and have not been back! And still no due date and now no DR!

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