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Pomeroy Tubal Ligation

The Pomeroy tubal ligation technique was devised by Dr. Ralph Hayward Pomeroy, an American gynecologist. While Dr. Pomeroy himself did not publish his method in his lifetime, two of his associates, E. Bishop and W.F. Nelms brought this technique to light in the year 1930. The Pomeroy tubal ligation technique has come to be the most commonly used technique for tubal ligation by women.

The Pomeroy tubal ligation technique entails tying the two fallopian tubes in a loop and then cutting them off. Medical practitioners use a surgical tie for the loop so that it gets absorbed by the body over a course of time. When the tie is absorbed by the body, the ends of the fallopian tubes fall apart. This is followed by yet another process. This is known as the ‘Irving’ or the ‘Uchida’ technique whereby the fallen tube ends are moved away from one another lest they reattach themselves.

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