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Menstrual Cycle Spotting

Medical practitioners describe menstrual spotting as the presence of menstrual blood during the wrong parts of the menstrual cycle. It may occur during ovulation, but may also be caused due to some internal factors. It may also cause pelvic pain.

It is said that approximately 5% of women experience menstrual spotting, usually around the time of their periods. Although spotting is generally considered to be harmless, it may also occur because of lack of ovulation in the body. In this case, an absence of ovulation makes the lining outside the uterus to grow thicker, and then causes some tissue to get discarded from the body. This is most likely to result in spotting.

Menstrual spotting may occur due to the following reasons:
i. Pregnancy
ii. Cervical cancer
iii. Usage of contraceptives
iv. Hormonal imbalance
v. Infections
vi. Medication
vii. Polyps
viii. Dysplasia

Some women, who have had an intercourse around the time of their periods, may experience some spotting instead of their normal menstrual cycle. This could be due to pregnancy. In some cases, it is a combination of delayed periods and spotting. In both the cases, it is important that women consult their gynecologist.

Cervical cancer
A case of menstrual spotting could be caused due to cervical cancer. Therefore, it is important that a doctor is consulted in case of menstrual spotting.

Usage of birth control pills
Contraceptives are known cause changes in the body, and so may lead to spotting. If a woman has only just started on contraceptives, she may see some spotting, for others it may occur the entire time they are on birth-control pills. Irregular use of contraceptives can also lead to some spotting. It is best however, to consult a doctor in case of spotting to ascertain its cause.

Hormonal imbalance
Hormonal imbalance is also one of the common causes of menstrual spotting. A visit to the doctor should help in resolving this problem.

Usually, vaginal or cervical infections cause spotting. Occasionally, infection in the bladder may also lead to spotting. A medical expert should be consulted to treat the infection.

There are some medicines that may have a harmful effect on the menstrual cycle, causing spotting. This, usually, is attributed to blood-thinners.

Small growths on the cervical canal are called polyps. They too may adversely affect the menstrual cycle, leading to spotting. Doctors usually prescribe a small surgical procedure to remove the growth, in case of which, normal menstrual cycle may resume.

Women suffering from Dysplasia usually experience menstrual spotting. Dysplasia is a medical condition where the cervical tissues mature in an abnormal manner. A doctor must be consulted in this case.

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