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Menstrual Cycle After a Miscarriage

When a child is lost before the woman enters her 20th week of pregnancy, it is termed as a ‘miscarriage’ or ‘spontaneous abortion’. Mostly, miscarriage occurs when the pregnancy is about 12 weeks old. It is an emotionally devastating time for the woman, often shaking up her hormonal system. But having a miscarriage does not signify an inability to have a child. Women can have a healthy pregnancy after their miscarriage.

Normally, a woman who has suffered a miscarriage is in a position to conceive once she resumes her menstrual cycle. But because miscarriage is a disturbing time for the woman, both physically and emotionally, it may take time for the menstrual cycle to normalize. In some women, it may stabilize soon after the miscarriage, while in others it may take a longer time. On an average, the menstrual cycle is restored between 4-6 weeks of a miscarriage. Resumption of the menstrual cycle also depends on how old the pregnancy was before the miscarriage occurred.

While couples tend to try for a child immediately after the resumption of the menstrual cycle after miscarriage, medical practitioners advise caution. According to them, the couples should wait for at least one cycle to pass by before they try for another pregnancy. This time, opine doctors, is important for the physical and mental recovery of the woman.

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