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Late Menstrual Cycle

A menstruation cycle occurs every 28 days. In some women, it may occur with 23-30 days. But even within this pattern, it may get delayed. Usually, a late period and missed period are attributed to pregnancy. However, it is not the only reason that causes a period to get delayed. There exist other factors that may influence the menstrual cycle, causing it to occur later than its usual date.

Factors that may cause periods to get delayed include:

i. Pregnancy
ii. Breast feeding
iii. Stress
iv. Medication
v. Weight problems
vi. Hormonal imbalance
vii. Menopause
viii. Medical conditions

In the light of a woman’s age and sexual activity, pregnancy may most likely be the answer of a delayed period. It is however, best to get it confirmed from a gynecologist. These days, home pregnancy kits are also available in the market for women to check it for themselves if they are pregnant or not.

Breast feeing
Breastfeeding women are also likely to experience delayed menstrual cycles.

Periods may get delayed also because of stress, both physical and emotional. So, it is important that the cause of stress is determined and cured. If the level of stress in the body goes down, it may lead to a resumption of the menstrual cycle.

Women who are under medication may also experience delayed periods. It could include medication for an ailment, for instance, usage of antidepressants, drugs for thyroid problems may cause late periods. Also, women who are using any form of birth-control medication can also go through a late menstrual cycle.

Weight problems

Problems like obesity or malnutrition may also affect the occurrence of the menstrual cycle. Rapid and excessive weight gain or loss also tends to alter the menstrual schedule, causing it to get delayed. Women suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia are also likely to experience late periods.

Hormonal imbalance
An alteration in the level of estrogen or progesterone may result in a late menstrual cycle. Hormonal imbalance may also occur due to a change in the diet, or due to stress. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one such instance of hormonal imbalance that may cause the periods to get delayed.

Menopause normally occurs in the age group of 45-55. However, in some women, it may set in early. In such a case, the periods may get delayed, and later, may stop altogether.

Medical conditions
Ailments such as a thyroid problem, pituitary tumor, or even a chronic illness may lead to a delay in the menstrual cycle. But in case the menstruation cycle is getting delayed by medical conditions, it is likely that they may start occurring regularly once the condition has been rectified.

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  1. Rain says:

    im single and why my menstruation is always late for the last few months?

  2. sona says:

    m a hprthyroid patent…m on thyroid medication is dis a reasn fr nt geting periods…its forth month now…plls advice me

  3. jessica says:

    i usually have irregular mensuration date like atimes 24,3o, nt stable can it reduce my chance of getting pregnant

  4. Olatunde says:

    saw my period last on the 19th aug till now ve nt seen my period had the sign(breastfulness&pimples) as if it will come in sept but didnt and nt been xperiencing this for some years.wot shd i do

  5. Julie Scobie says:

    I have not had my periods for a month now. What should I do? I did not have sex with anyone so I cant be pregnant.

  6. nadine says:

    I did a tubal ligation on november 30th 2010
    However, my menstral is late.Should i call my doctor, should i be worried?

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