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Late Menstrual Cycle

A menstruation cycle occurs every 28 days. In some women, it may occur with 23-30 days. But even within this pattern, it may get delayed. Usually, a late period and missed period are attributed to pregnancy. However, it is not the only reason that causes a period to get delayed. There exist other factors that may influence the menstrual cycle, causing it to occur later than its usual date.

Factors that may cause periods to get delayed include:

i. Pregnancy
ii. Breast feeding
iii. Stress
iv. Medication
v. Weight problems
vi. Hormonal imbalance
vii. Menopause
viii. Medical conditions

In the light of a woman’s age and sexual activity, pregnancy may most likely be the answer of a delayed period. It is however, best to get it confirmed from a gynecologist. These days, home pregnancy kits are also available in the market for women to check it for themselves if they are pregnant or not.

Breast feeing
Breastfeeding women are also likely to experience delayed menstrual cycles.

Periods may get delayed also because of stress, both physical and emotional. So, it is important that the cause of stress is determined and cured. If the level of stress in the body goes down, it may lead to a resumption of the menstrual cycle.

Women who are under medication may also experience delayed periods. It could include medication for an ailment, for instance, usage of antidepressants, drugs for thyroid problems may cause late periods. Also, women who are using any form of birth-control medication can also go through a late menstrual cycle.

Weight problems

Problems like obesity or malnutrition may also affect the occurrence of the menstrual cycle. Rapid and excessive weight gain or loss also tends to alter the menstrual schedule, causing it to get delayed. Women suffering from eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia are also likely to experience late periods.

Hormonal imbalance
An alteration in the level of estrogen or progesterone may result in a late menstrual cycle. Hormonal imbalance may also occur due to a change in the diet, or due to stress. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one such instance of hormonal imbalance that may cause the periods to get delayed.

Menopause normally occurs in the age group of 45-55. However, in some women, it may set in early. In such a case, the periods may get delayed, and later, may stop altogether.

Medical conditions
Ailments such as a thyroid problem, pituitary tumor, or even a chronic illness may lead to a delay in the menstrual cycle. But in case the menstruation cycle is getting delayed by medical conditions, it is likely that they may start occurring regularly once the condition has been rectified.

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  1. nor liati says:

    i haven’t get menstrual period since last month till now. already check my urine precnency test but negative. i’m not in stress or take any medication. what should i do to solve this problem?

  2. rozelle says:

    i have not received my period for the last 2months and i have not engaged in any sex though have tested 4pregnancy ,it is negative.i have been having regular periods since i started .Am not stressed,i eat well and pamper myself well.what could be my problem?

  3. Veronica says:

    I have not gotten my menstral period since August. My husband and I did have a little accident during my estimated ovulation period. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both have come back negative. I do not know if I should trust these because I have 2 children and have had one miscarriage. My miscarriage and my first child’s pregnancy test came back negative as well. I am also have a little bit of vomiting, and dizzy spells. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to have to go to the doctor just yet, since I do not have any medical insurance. What should I do?

  4. Jess says:

    I haven’t had my period close to 4 months now and and I’m not pregnant what could be causing this and/or what should I do?

  5. Brazell says:

    A family member has not had a regular cycle since 2005 age 20. Doctor can not come up with the reason. Several tests have been done. All come back normal.

  6. is it possible to delayed menstrual period
    though i’m only breastfeeding at night?

  7. baby says:

    the usual cycle was 34 fro the past 4 months but last month change to 28 why pls help

  8. gopi says:

    i haven’t had my period for almost two months now. recently i’ve been having pains on my right thigh down to my knee. had a pregnancy test twice but both came out negative. what could be causing this and is there any connection with my delayed period and leg pains?

  9. ong guanfoo says:

    have fybroid 5.1cm, 2polyps in uterus, cyst in R ovari. no menstruation for 40 days.

  10. Jen says:

    I have not have my period close to 7 months now & I’m not pregnant.

  11. saranya says:

    engaged in sex before six months. usually i will get period every 30 days.this time my period is late for 7 days? does this prob relate to pregnancy? i was engaged in sex in jan month. till june i got my regular periods.

  12. Carolyn Hickey says:

    well i have not had a period since May 15th and both pregnancy tests i took at home came out negative but then i spot sometimes and i think its my period and it turns out to be nothing…this is frustrating….is there away i could still be pregnant and the tests are wrong?

  13. Julie says:

    I haven’t had my period about four months now. I have taken two home pregnancy test and one at the doctors they said it was negative. I am not stress but I did gain weight. How long would this last? When would I get my period back? Also when my period would delay and it comes later is it normal to have really bad cramps threw out the whole time I am on my period?

  14. celle says:

    i am delayed for 6 days already,,my normal menstrual cycle is 31-33 days and my last menstrual period was on august 10,2010..i have contact last august 23,2010…i also experience lot of stress and im on a heavy diet… i pregnant???please answer……

  15. Caesar says:

    me and my GF had sex many times,she also had Emergency Contraceptive pills 5 times. but, we do not have sex for the last 3 months. my Gf has her date of periods on 18th. todat is 29th!! she still not have her periods! so her parents decided to consult a doctor. now she is afraid of that these medical check up can divulge that she had contraceptive pills and that is why period delayed. Is it possible? help me friends…

  16. titi says:

    i have a baby close to six momth of age.i gave birth to the baby may i started my period july and i have been sening it since then but i didn’t see it in oct.,i did a pregnancy test some days a go it was worried

  17. shainah says:

    i never have my period for a couple of months maybe for 4-5 months, i am really worried about this and i really want to know what help will you suggest? i never got stress, or medication, I’m not pregnant of course no breast feeding,i don’t have any problems on my weight, I’m still 18 so it should never be menopause.

  18. chioma says:

    All true i have not experience delayed menstral flow but for the past 4 month it has being delayed and 4 over two month now it has not flowed yet.please i nd an answer to dis.

  19. Debra Rose says:

    I am Deaf lady and I have been late menstrual cycle. Becuz no period since 28 day on Dec 28 2010 but I did before period last of Nov 18 -2010. But I did took three home pregnant test say negavite. I don’t understand. Why I can’t get pregnancy ? I feel tired and little tingle my body and alots sleepy. Please help me how I get know my situtation of menstrual cycle. ( PS I have own my children 4 ) I trying get convice get pregnant another chance

  20. mary says:

    my sister does miss her period since two months. She is not pregnant. she is forty now. why is it so?

  21. lovely says:

    Hi,i had my period on 23rd nov 2010 then engaged in sex on the 8th dec,on the 9th and 10 i took an oral contraceptive it was a 12 hourly tablet (with levornogestrel).After then my period didnt come until around 31st dec when i noticed some dark brown fluid frm then it has repeated.Despite the coloration can i say ovulation or pregnancy can still occur?I need your advice on this?

  22. DR says:

    it’s been 3months since i have my last period. i haven’t engage in any sexual intercourse, i am single. i usually have irregular menstruation, sometimes i experience spotting. I am not stressed I guess. do I have a serious problem?

  23. kajal says:

    Hi i am not getting my periods from last oct2010 and in mid sometimes i get regular period or sometimes i skip for one or two months and i am taking good diet as please tell me how to overcome from this and do i will get any pregnancy problem as well in future?

  24. Ruthie says:

    Well I have not had a period since January 8 which was just spotting and since now nothing but I am irregular was on birth control to get it to regulate which it didbut ever since I left them has g ok ne back but not pregnant wath should I do?

  25. heather says:

    im almost 20 and i had a daughter in july of 2010 and it is march 2011 and i have not had my cycle.i took a pregnancy test almost amonth ago and it came to be negitive.i dont know wats causing this or what i can do to find out whats wrong with me..

  26. Janet says:

    I’m 17 and I have been off of the pill for a month. I had a pretty regular period immediately after I stopped it was just unusually light but the normal light. I got a pregnancy test taken 2 weeks ago at my doctors office because its necessary before I get the birth control shot which I’m supposed to get when I start my period. The problem is my period was supposed to start 2 days ago. I have been sexually active since the test but i haven’t had any other signs of pregnancy. I’ve been trying to convince myself this is stress induced (considering I’ve been EXTREMELY stressed) but I want to know the other possibilities.. And my odds of being pregnant.

  27. pooja says:

    I m pooja 23 yr old n m not having regular periods n its always 15-20 days later n i want to know reason for it nd wts the problems cause it ? n also tell me that in future i make pregnent?

  28. rasundriea says:

    i havent got my period since last month im not streesed and i eat well ive been throwing up and craving weird things but ive taking 4 pregency test there all negtive what should i do.

  29. dolma says:

    its been 21 since i didnt got ma mens…am not involve in sex and i do eat well..n had no stress,so what is the reason behind..

  30. cleo says:

    im 19 years old no boyfriend at all and im not encounter of sex ever, but my period are delayed in 3 months this year its is started on February what should i do why there is a delayed period?

  31. andranet says:

    My period had start on friday and today sunday I am only seein like 5 drops of blood in the pad everyday,…what could be the cause of this?

  32. sodgn says:

    whatis the polycystic syndrome

  33. bansari says:

    my last period was on 9th april 2011
    and its 2nd june, still i dont have my period and i have taken twice pregnancy test but it was negative. please tell me what can be the reason of my late period???

  34. keshia says:

    Well im 22 and the last time I had a period was in march, and I didnt have a period for the months of april and may. and I dont know what to do?

  35. samanta says:

    i am samanta 25years old marry 2 months ago but before marriage i miss my period i get it every 2-3 months what can i do

  36. mel says:

    i am 38 yrs old.i had a norma period in april and in mat it was late and in june it was ontime and now this month it is late i am 5 days late could i be going thru meno or what i have the symptoms like i wanna start my period but still havent started i have taken pg tests and they are negative.i have also had a severe tubal so the dr said there is no way i could have kids so what could it be

  37. kj says:

    my wife is 23-year-old and her menstruation is irregular some time start in 2 months or more so what can I do.

  38. Rojiki says:

    I am Rojiki, 24yr old marry n m not having regular periods n its always 10-20 days 5 days ago Pregnancy test result is negative. after 10 days period is not come, What should I do?

  39. virgy says:

    i am 45 years and 6 months old. I have not seen my period 3 days past due time. I don’t ‘feel’ pregnant. What could be the matter? Can menopause start abruptly? Or should i still wait a few days longer?

  40. Rain says:

    im single and why my menstruation is always late for the last few months?

  41. sona says:

    m a hprthyroid patent…m on thyroid medication is dis a reasn fr nt geting periods…its forth month now…plls advice me

  42. jessica says:

    i usually have irregular mensuration date like atimes 24,3o, nt stable can it reduce my chance of getting pregnant

  43. Olatunde says:

    saw my period last on the 19th aug till now ve nt seen my period had the sign(breastfulness&pimples) as if it will come in sept but didnt and nt been xperiencing this for some years.wot shd i do

  44. Julie Scobie says:

    I have not had my periods for a month now. What should I do? I did not have sex with anyone so I cant be pregnant.

  45. nadine says:

    I did a tubal ligation on november 30th 2010
    However, my menstral is late.Should i call my doctor, should i be worried?

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