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How to Throw a Baby Shower

The keys to throwing a successful and fun baby shower are planning and organization. If you are careful and take care of all the details before hand, you are more likely to help the mother-to-be have an incredible and memorable day. Remember, this day is for her and her new arrival.

In the past, most baby showers are not thrown by family, but by a friend who knows the mother very well. In the recent years it has become more customary for the shower to be thrown by family members such as one of the grandmothers-to-be or aunts-to-be. Regardless of who is throwing the shower, they should be someone ho knows the mother and who could help her have a successful shower.

When, Where, Who and How Much?
The first and most important things that you need to decide for the baby shower are the date and time, the location, the guest list and your budget. Most baby showers are thrown 1-2 months before the baby’s due date, but in some cultures and religions it has become more customary to throw the shower after the baby is born. This is a popular way to throw the shower because it allows for personalized gifts and the chance for family members and close family friends to meet the new addition to the family. Whichever way you are throwing your shower, make sure you plan ahead and pick a date and time that suite your mother-to-be so that she, her family and friends can all attend.

If you are planning the shower, you should decide at least 2 months before you throw the shower when it will be and if there are any locations available. For small gatherings, someone’s home is the perfect place to throw a shower. For larger gatherings, a bigger venue may be necessary. Just make sure that the place you choose is within your budget and check what kinds of decorations they allow, for you will want to set the theme of the shower with decorations.

When writing the guest list, consult the mother-to-be, about whom she would like to attend, but generally, the grandmothers-to-be and close female friends and family make the list. If you are throwing a surprise shower, consult a close friend or relative about the list.

Your budget may put limits on your venue, but if you throw the shower at a home, you can use your money for decorations, food and games for the shower. Don’t worry about having a small budget to work with while throwing the baby shower. There are lots of fun and simple ways to help throw a fun and memorable shower.

Theme and Invitations
You baby shower should have a theme. It can be anything really. Have fun with what you choose and just make sure that you choose something that the mother-to-be will love or appreciate. You should decorate the shower in accordance with theme by using streamers, balloons and so on; you can make the shower a fun and welcoming environment with such decorations.

You should have your invitations reflect the theme of the shower. In the invitation, you should include the date, time, location, you phone number and RSVP “respond if you please” date. You should also include a map or some form of directions in the invitation. You should send the invitations at least 6 weeks in advance and make the RSVP date a week before the shower. If you don’t get an RSVP from some people, call and make sure that they either are or are not coming.

Planning what food to get for a party is always difficult. Plan what you will serve around the time of day your shower will be. Don’t feel obligated to serve a meal, appetizers and a selection of a few desserts can be just as filling and can help create a fun and informal atmosphere for the shower. Make sure to include the food in your budget and if you are throwing the party at a home; you should also include some decorative napkins, plates, cutlery, and cups (for hot and cold drinks) in you budget.

Games and Prizes
Another way to create a fun atmosphere is to include some classic, though sometimes silly baby shower games. For each game you should have a prize for the winner. It is a good idea for the prizes to be prewrapped and for there to always be extra prizes in case there is a tie in one or more of the games. One game hat is a baby shower favorite includes, the ‘Don’t Say “Baby”’ clothespin game, where each woman is given a clothespin when they arrive at the party and is instructed to not say “baby” or they can have their clothespin taken. Whoever collects the most clothespins by the end of the party receives a prize. These and other games can be very fun at baby showers.

We all know that one of the main reasons for throwing a baby shower is so that the mother-to-be can receive gifts that she will use for the baby. These can include blankets, toys, clothes or more necessary items like diapers and baby formula. Talking to the other guests about gifts they will bring can be very helpful to the mother, especially if she already has enough of one type of gift because of children she already has.

Finishing Up
When the party is over, the cake has been served, the presents opened and the games have been played, it is time to say goodbye and clean up after the party. You should plan ahead of time about having party favors or gift bags to give away when the party is over. Keep them and the prizes on their own table near the exit so that they are easily accessible for your guests when you are thanking them for coming and saying goodbye. Also, make sure you have some idea what you are going to do with any left over food, and that you know who is going to help you clean up decorations and food plates and other such materials. The entire process of planning, throwing and cleaning up after a party can be very stressful and demanding, try and make it as easy on yourself as possible by planning beforehand. After all, you want to give the mother-to-be a happy and memorable baby shower.

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