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How To Tell If You Are Pregnant

In order to tell that you are pregnant, learn about your period cycle to confirm your pregnancy. Period cycle length varies from person to person and it is different for every person. When your period cycle starts, your body releases two kind of hormones: luteinising hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. These hormones prepare human body to produce reproductive system in the ovaries. The egg is stored in the ovaries and it starts to fertilize and if you had intercourse between 12 to 15 days after the first end part of the cycle, you can find several symptoms which are possible signs of pregnancy when the egg starts to fertilize.

No Periods (menstruation): There will be no periods during pregnancy as the fertilization of the egg (fetus) started, which indicates that there is no release of the hormones.
Breast Enlargement: The size of your breast will grow due to increase in sexual desire and changes in sexual hormonal of the body .
Vomiting (nausea):  Nausea is nothing but morning sickness, which makes the body uncomfortable during pregnancy. Due to non stability in the body conditions, vomiting occurs frequently. This is the most common symptom for the woman during the first part of the fertilization period.
Tiredness (fatigue): During pregnancy, you will feel tired because of severe hormonal changes in the body. This is the main cause of fatigue and moreover, you have to carry some additional weight due to growing fetus.
Urination Too Often: Fertilization of the baby grows in the uterus. Generally, there will be some pressure in the bladder which makes you want to visit the bathroom more regularly than usual.
Gain Weight: Your weight will increased gradually due to the increase in the food intake and increase in the size of the baby.
Increase In Sexual Desire: Due to dramatic sexual hormonal changes, the body tends to have more sexual desires than before. Generally, women feel moody during their pregnancy stage.
Loosing Consciousness: During pregnancy, it is common to loose consciousness due to increase/decrease of blood pressure or sugar level and heart rate.
Back Pain: Due to putting on weight, there are chances of getting back pain as the growing weight tends to move to the front side of the body which puts pressure on the back.
Burning Sensation: Due to hormonal changes in the body, several kinds of different acids will be released by the stomach which caused a burning sensation to your body.

These are the possible symptoms that may occur during pregnancy. However, there is no guarantee to say that you are pregnant by seeing any of these symptoms. Some women cannot find any of the symptoms mentioned above, yet they are pregnant .

Definite Signs Of Knowing You Are Pregnant:

Blood Test or Urine Test: Take this test to check out for hormonal changes, blood pressure, heart rate and sugar level to confirm your pregnancy.
• Ultrasound Test: This test is recommended by the doctors to determine your pregnancy status and your pregnancy state. It helps: to know the age and position of the fetus, to know any birth defects, to know development problems in the growing fetus, and to know the formation of crucial organs. Ultrasound test can be performed at any stage and you may take this test during the first trimester or during the  second trimester, depending on your blood report.

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