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Fertility Diet

Woman who want to conceive need to follow a healthy, balanced diet for a successful pregnancy. There are some kinds of food that even boost fertility in women, and at a later stage, aid in the development of the fetus. Vegetarian food is especially known to increase fertility.

It is important that while trying to conceive, the woman takes food which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Therefore, leafy vegetables should be preferred. Zinc is an important mineral that should be a part of a woman’s diet. Lack of zinc in the body may lead to a reduction in the number of healthy eggs. Zinc has been scientifically proven to increase fertility. Protein-rich food is also beneficial, as it builds up the iron content in the body. In fact, intake of iron is extremely important during the course of pregnancy, as the lack of it might lead to a post-delivery anemia.

Calcium is yet another crucial component. Therefore, milk and cheese should be preferred. Fruits and vegetables such as oranges and broccoli are also an equally good source of calcium. They can also eat fish such as salmon or sardines as these too are rich in calcium. Fish, in fact, is also a very good source of the important omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly known for their ability to improve fertility. Medical practitioners however, caution against eating too much fish during the time of conceiving or pregnancy. This is because fish normally contain a high level of mercury. Studies have proved that mercury is extremely harmful to the fetus.

However, fish such as haddock, trout, and flounder have comparatively low level of mercury. Doctors recommend these fish as part of the woman’s diet. In case you want to avoid fish completely, you can take flax seeds as a part of your diet. Flax seeds are an alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Fiber is yet another important aspect of a woman’s diet when she is trying to have a child. The need for fiber can be fulfilled through including pumpkin, peas, and whole grain breads into the diet. Woman should take folic acid in good measure. Folic acid is said to stimulate the development of the sex hormones in the woman’s body. Orange and lemon are good sources of folic acid.

Doctors suggest that women who are trying for a baby should drink lot of water, or maintain a high intake of fluids, including fruit juices.

While the above-mentioned components boost fertility and ensure successful pregnancy, there exist some food items that should be avoided during such a stage. For instance, intake of carbohydrates, in items such as bread or rice should be reduced or avoided. Drinks that have caffeine in them, such as coffee or soft drinks, also need to be avoided. Artificial sweetners should also be removed from the diet as it may affect the hormones adversely. It is extremely important that women do not drink or smoke during this period.

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  1. uzoma wilson says:

    what of fruits like cucumber and pineaple?

  2. elenor welch says:

    I feel that it is important to follow these steps towards a healthy pregnancy.My boyfriend Randolph and I are trying to get pregnant and I am definitely going to try them.

  3. itunu olajengbesi says:

    can i take champagne,can i take cabbage.cucumber,water melon,avocado pear to stimulate my fertility.

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