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Ectopic Pregnancy Test

To detect the pregnancy as an ectopic pregnancy (tubal pregnancy), we must first confirmed that there is a pregnancy. For this, it is better to consult doctors for urine and blood tests.

• Urine and Blood Tests: Doctors conduct this test to check for hormonal changes, blood pressure, heart rate, and sugar level for confirming your pregnancy. If the result is negative then there is no pregnancy. If the result is positive about the pregnancy, then you will have to take further tests to confirm that there is an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy Tests
• HCG Test: This test is used for confirmation of an ectopic pregnancy by taking the blood sample to measure the hormone level. The name of the hormone is human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), this is present in placenta. Placenta is an organ developed during the pregnancy period. So, after ten days of the fertilization period, we can calculate the hormone levels in the blood and the urine. This hormone level will be increasing every two days for the first trimester (first twelve weeks). So , if there is no increase in the hormone level every two days in the first trimester, then we can determine that there is an ectopic pregnancy.
• Pelvic Test: This test is done by inserting gloved fingers into the vagina to test the abdomen size. This test is helpful in finding painful areas in the abdomen and to know the size of the uterus.
• Ultrasound Test: This test is recommended by the doctors to check for the pregnancy status: to know the age and position of the fetus, to know any birth defects, to know development problems in the growing fetus, and to know the formation of crucial organs. This test can be performed at any stage and you can take this test during the first trimester or during the second trimester depending on your blood report.
The Ultrasound Test Procedure: Before taking this ultrasound test, make sure to fill the belly with more water. The pregnant woman is laid down on the bed with a polymer gel pasted on the belly. Now,  they will move an electronic probe on the belly to send sound waves. The reflected sound waves are converted into electrical signals through transducer and images are displayed on the screen. During the test, there will be some pressure resting on the belly, due to polymer gel, the pressure will be wet and cold .
• Laparoscopic Test: This is a small surgery to find out if there is an ectopic pregnancy. This test gives you an absolute presence of an ectopic pregnancy and it is done by using an instrument named laparoscope. Generally, they make a small cut in the abdomen to insert this thin instrument to locate the tubal pregnancy. There is a cam attached to the instrument for viewing the internal organs and detecting the tubal pregnancy.
• Culdocentesis: This test is not performed regularly and it is done to check the internal bleeding from vagina. For this, a needle is inserted into the vagina. If there is any leakage of blood or fluid from the vagina, it may lead to the confirmation of an ectopic pregnancy.

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