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Early Menstrual Period

Women tend to suffer early menstruation cycle and heavy bleeding, at times. It can be a disconcerting phenomenon, and may even develop into a serious problem, if ignored. Early menstrual period may suggest that the woman’s body is not developing and maturing an egg properly.

An early menstrual cycle may be caused by physical and psychological reasons. The menstruation cycle is influenced by hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. These hormones help regulate the process of ovulation. It is important therefore, that the level of both estrogen and progesterone is balanced in the body. An alteration in the level of either of these hormones may adversely affect the ovulation process, causing irregular menstruation.

Psychological factors cast a subtle effect on the functioning of the body. Stress, fatigue, or anxiety can lead to an early menstruation cycle. These causes need to be checked in case they have a harmful effect on the body, causing irregularities with the periods.

But first, it is important to determine the exact cause of an early menstrual cycle. If it is being caused due to an imbalance in the hormone levels in the body, one must ensure its resolution. Hormonal imbalances can be cured with the help of medication, and also by making changes in one’s lifestyle pattern. An early occurrence of the menstruation cycle caused by factors such as stress or fatigue can be rectified by relaxing the body and mind. Therapies such as Aromatherapy or physical exercises such as Tai Chi or Reiki can prove extremely successful in alleviating stress, as well as improving the body’s reproductive system.

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  1. G says:

    Thank you… Just THANK YOU.

    I had a pregnancy scare a couple of weeks ago when a condom “malfunctioned”. I took emergency birth control, and a few days later my period came a week early. It was very heavy and painful, and though it stopped a few days ago, I’m having a hard time recovering from it. I’ve had loss of appetite and fatigue.

    I have lived with thyroid disease for years, and I’m medicated. It has been like I haven’t been taking meds at all. I’ve been scared the last couple of days that I got pregnant anyway. After reading this explanation that it is due to hormone imbalance, all the pieces fell into place. I took high doses of progesterone. My body did not develop and mature the egg properly, which is exactly what I intended.

    I will just have to give my body some time to recover from the hormone shock.

  2. Chris says:

    This month my last day of period was 3/9. Today 29/9 my period was come with little bleeding. Is it a sign of early menstrual period since my cycle is between 28-29 days. What cause the reason on that, Please expain. Thanks.

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