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Drugs During Pregnancy

Taking medicine while pregnant without proper guidance from your health provider may cause problems to you and your developing baby. It is not recommended to take medicines during the first eight weeks of pregnancy, as this is the time when you are developing major organs for the baby. Please avoid taking over-the-counter drugs without proper prescription provided by the health provider. Whatever you intake passes to the developing baby through your blood, which can cause problems that may lead to pregnancy complications. Taking medicines continuously during pregnancy may be a big risk, please make sure to ask your health provider for guidance. Drugs which are prescribed by the health provider without proper precautions may cause harm to you and your growing baby. Make sure they know that you are a pregnant woman.

Drugs which are rated x by the Food and Drug Administration can cause severe birth defects and sometimes miscarriage. Never go for herbal medicines without proper guidance from your health providers. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) rates the safety level of the drugs to be used during pregnancy.

Category A:
The drugs under this category are very safe to use during pregnancy and are well tested, which certified for usage. Drugs like Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 comes under this category.

Category B: Drugs under this category doesn’t cause major birth defects. Drugs like antibiotics, insulins, famotidine, aspartame and ibuprofin belongs in this category

Category C: The drugs which are listed under this category have not yet completed the safety studies. These drugs may cause damage to both mother and the fetus and the drugs include: Cipro ,Diflucan and Compazine.

Category D: The drugs listed in this category are certified to be a major risk factor for both mother and the fetus. Alcohol, Lithium and Chemotherapy drugs comes under this list.

Category X: Drugs under this category are not recommended for usage and are used mainly for treating skin disease. Drugs like Thalidomine, Tegison and Soriatane comes under this category.

Drugs like Aspirin and painkillers cause severe damage to both mother and the fetus and by using these, the chance of a miscarriage increases.

Safe Pregnancy Drugs And Medications

Suffering From Headache/Body ache: Go for Ultracet  and avoid Aspirin and painkillers as it may cause severe bleeding during delivery time and also causes birth defects.
For Cold and Flu: Use Neosynephrine or Sudafed.
For Throat Allergy: Use Benadryl
For Vomiting Symptoms: Use Vitamin B6 tablets at the prescribed dose
For Heart Burning Sensation Or Gastric Problems: Use Gelusil or Riopan
For Constipation: Use Citrusil or Senekot
For Rashes: Use Benadryl Cream or Caladryl Lotion
For Infections: Use Terazol or Mycelex-G .
For Swelling And Inflammation Of Veins: Use Anusol or Tucks or Witch Hazel.

Before taking over-the counter-drugs, try to resolve the symptoms by resting. Please pay attention in maintaining your diet and medication and keep in mind that a healthy woman gives birth to a healthy child.

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