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Conceiving After Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment

After having an Ectopic pregnancy treatment, the results may be encouraging or discouraging. If the treatment is done in the early stages, then it can have encouraging results of having naturally pregnancies. If the treatment is done after the early stages, then the results will be discouraging in having natural pregnancies. So , please go for early diagnosis of your pregnancy to have better results after removing an ectopic pregnancy.

Results For Taking Treatment For An Ectopic Pregnancy In Early Stages

• As the early stage, treatment for the removal of an ectopic pregnancy is done by giving an anti-cancer drug Methotrexate, there will be no damage to the fallopian tube and HCG level will be in zero rate.
• You have fifty percent chances of getting natural pregnancy if your Fallopian tube is not severely damaged.
• There is a fifteen percent chance of getting an ectopic pregnancy for the second time after removal of the first ectopic pregnancy due to hormone changes. So, every woman should consult your health provider or gynecologist for having natural pregnancy after removing an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages.

Results For Taking Treatment For An Ectopic Pregnancy In Later Stages

• For later stages of the ectopic pregnancy, there will be going for laparoscope surgery for the removal of pregnancy. If the fallopian is damaged severely, there are chances for removal of the tube .
• If the fallopian tube is removed due to severe rupture of the fallopian tube, then there will be no fertility in the woman .
• The chances of getting third ectopic pregnancy after the second one is 40%.
• The result will be quite discouraging for getting natural pregnancies if the fallopian tube is removed.
• There are less chances for natural pregnancy for a woman carrying second ectopic pregnancy.

The woman faces infertility if the fallopian tube is removed. For this, there is a technique called in-vitro fertilization to bring back the fertility to the woman. This technique helps in fertilizing the embryo outside the body and replaces the fertilized embryo into the womb for further growing purpose.

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  1. sam says:

    Hi, im desperately looking for some answers. I had an ectopic preg some mths ago and since then I had a period, and now missed the second second scheduled irregular period ( 45dy cycle). Im now 16days late with lots of preg symptoms- sore breasts (esp on the sides), vein popping out, lower back pains, constant cramps-feels as if period is coming,headache at times,white discharge,irritablity, white pimples on breasts, bumps like montgomery tubercules on breasts, slightly swollen breasts. Been having most of these signs some wks now and other developed a wk ago or so. When I doubt myself, the physical changes often outweigh the pain or discomfort. After a ton of neg preg test results, Im wondering if these signs are possible due to hormonal changes after the ectopic preg which was terminated with the mtx drug or is it that after my folic acid was depleted, that my preg hormones are just low?? Pls assist.. :S

  2. Jenny says:

    This is incorrect. Removal of one fallopian tube does not render you infertile. You do have another fallopian tube. It may be a little more difficult to conceive, but far from being infertile.

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