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Breast Pain During Pregnancy

Breast pain is quite common due to the changes in the hormones. Women experience several breast changes during their menstrual period. Some breast changes occur normally due to aging and hormones factors. Due to these factors, breast swelling and tenderness (pain) may occur during pregnancy. Breast lump (swelling) and tenderness occur due to rapid changes in the hormones and usually occur during the first trimester of the pregnancy due to the excess release of sexual hormones by the body system into the crucial organs which causes severe changes in the body.

Generally, when a woman reaches puberty, hormonal changes causes breast tissues to increase due to deposit of fat by the growth of the ducts in the breast. Breast is made up of ducts and glands followed by the nipples and the surrounded area is called areola. The milk is produced by the mammary glands and the milk carrying ducts are called Lactiferous ducts. During lactation period (women carrying baby), these lactiferous ducts carry milk to the nipples which causes the size of the breast to increase along with swelling and tenderness.

Causes of Breast Pain
Pregnancy: While pregnant, everyone will experience tenderness due to hormonal changes.
Puberty: when women reach puberty, there will be rapid changes in the body development along with beast tenderness.
Hormonal changes: Due to age factors and maturity level, there will be changes in hormones.
Breast disease: Breast disease is one of the causes for breast pain. Breast disease occurs due to excess growth of ducts and malfunction of the glands.
Breastfeeding: Due to excess breastfeeding, pain arises in the breasts.
Pain due to rashes (Shingles): Rashes occur on the breast dude to some viral infections which cause severe pain.
Estrogen therapy: Due to malfunctioning of estrogen hormones, the growth and development of body tissues will be in abnormal form, which leads to pain in the breast.
Chest wall pain: More fat deposit on the chest wall also causes pain in the breast .
Injury to breast: An injury to the breast can cause the formation of fibrous scar tissue, which causes severe pain in the breast.
Breast infection: Breast infection causes pain and itching sensation in the breast. Breast infection is caused by the normal bacteria through the entrance of scar or torn skin. This infection can be treated by using medication.
Breast lump: Breast lump causes pain and sometimes it is treated as breast cancer caused due to hormonal changes.
Breast cancer: When cancer cells invade lymph vessels of the breast, there will be rapid swelling, inflammation and pain in the breast. Breast cancer causes severe pain.
Use of improper medications: Due to improper usage of medications also causes pain in breast tissues. So, please get advice from your health provider.
Angina: Angina is referred as a chest pain caused when the heart muscles does not get enough blood due to fat deposit on the chest wall. Due to this chest pain, there will be
severe breast tissues damage which causes pain.

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