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Blood Clots During Menstruation

Dictionary describes a blood clot as “a process in which the liquid blood gets transformed into a semisolid mass.” Blood clotting is a normal feature during your period. In most cases, the clots are dark red or brown in color, and the size of a small coin. Several women experience blood clotting as part of their menstrual bleeding.

Blood clots that are discharged from the female body as part of the menstrual bleeding are actually masses of tissue that are discarded by the endometrium. It can be safely said that blood clotting is a common feature of menstruation as menstrual cramps.

While blood clotting is a normal aspect of menstruation, it may become a cause for concern if it is accompanied by heavy bleeding. A woman should consult her doctor if blood clots suddenly start appearing as part of the bleeding. In case blood clots appear for more than a day or are unusually large in size, a medical expert should be consulted.

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