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Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

Abdominal pain is generally caused by the internal organs which are located inside the abdomen. These organs are stomach, intestine, liver, colon, gallbladder and pancreas. As this pain is felt in the abdomen area, it is called abdominal pain.

Causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it is quite natural to experience lower abdominal pain due to abdomen sporadic discomfort, fever, inflammations, bleeding and spotting. If these occur at a high rate, please consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The most common conditions associated with abdominal pains are:

Ectopic pregnancy
This kind of pregnancy occurs when the fetus fertilization starts outside the womb. Symptoms for this kind of pregnancy is due to severe abdomen pain, bleeding in
the uterus, spotting, back pain, body aches and dizziness.

Abdomen pain is an early symptom for a miscarriage of the child along with other symptoms like bleeding, menstrual spotting and severe back aches. This kind of symptoms describe the early signs of miscarriage.

Preterm labor
Preterm labor means giving birth to the child without completion of the pregnancy period. Preterm labor is caused due to the occurrence of the symptoms like lower abdomen pain, uterus infection, bleeding and severe back aches.

Placental abruption
Placenta abruption is termed as a serious condition because placenta is separated from the uterus during your pregnancy period. Placenta abruption causes severe bleeding. Along with the bleeding, you may also experience back pain, uterine expansion or uterus contraction. If you are experiencing this, medial attention is required.

Preeclampsia is a disorder of pregnancy and it severely causes changes in the blood vessels which effects major organs like brain, liver, kidneys and placenta. Preeclampsia is diagnosed after 20 weeks of pregnancy if the blood and protein level are in high level. Symptoms for preeclampsia are face swelling & swelling of the feet and hands. These symptoms causes you to gain more weight. If you have severe preeclampsia, you may have severe back ache, headache, nausea and also visual disturbances. Please contact your doctor if you have preeclampsia symptoms.

Urinary tract infections
During pregnancy, every women will experience this condition. Symptoms for this conditions are burning sensation along with pain in the bladder and abdomen during urination, including kidney infections. Be sure to consult your doctor if the problem persists too long.

The other reasons for the occurrence of abdominal pain during pregnancy period is due to ligament pain, preeclampsia or placental abruption. Please notice if this symptoms causes
excessive bleeding, be sure to consult your health care provider immediately. Some pregnant women will experience abdominal pain because of kidney stones or due to disease in the gallbladder and also due to pancreatitis. These kind of diseases causes severe abdominal pain which results in surgical operation. While pregnant, most women will experience only mild abdominal pain as it occurs occasionally due to stretching of the uterus because of constipation or gas formation. Ligament pain causes very short and sharp aches on both sides of the abdomen, the pain doesn’t stay for a long time. Relief from ligament pain can be relieved by changing the body position. If the pain continues longer, contact your health care provider for further assistance.

Many pregnant women will experience lower abdominal pain. It is necessary to consult your doctor immediately if you experience severe lower abdominal pain. You health care provider may suggests better precautions to stay safe with your baby.

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  1. grace says:

    This was helpful info when I had abdominal pain during my second trimeater and discussed plan with me doctor

  2. kj says:

    Not every woman gets a UTI in pregnancy!!

  3. Noludwe says:

    This is helpful. I also experience abdominal pains left and right and sometime in my area of uterus, and my period are due on the 26th October. Must I wait for these period to prove that I am prego

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