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8 Weeks Pregnant

Week 8 of pregnancy is almost the end of the first trimester. The risk of miscarriage is very low at this stage of pregnancy. The waist, by about the eight week, seems somewhat expanded. This is due to the growing size of the uterus. Women are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes.

Your Baby’s Development

By the eight week, the baby too is fast developing its bones and muscles. Its facial features such as the eyelids and nose start becoming more defined, and the embryonic tail too starts to disappear gradually. In this second month of pregnancy, the baby’s gender gets confirmed, even though the genitals remain in the process of development. All the vital organs of the body are in place by this time, and keep developing further.

How Your Body Changes

Women may feel bloated up, caused due to water retention. Some may experience indigestion during this time. Despite the symptoms, the women undergo numerous changes both internally and externally during this time. The blood count of pregnant women, at this time, goes up by almost 40-50%. Some women may even develop dark-colored veins around their breasts at this time. These are called ‘varicose veins’, and they are caused by an increase in the blood supply. The areola also darkens as the pregnancy progresses. In some cases, the breasts may discharge a thick yellow liquid called ‘colostrum’. Due to the growing size of the uterus, women may experience cramps in their abdomen, especially in the lower part.

But, by and large, by the eight week, the body has adjusted to the changes occurring due to pregnancy.

Weeks 5-8 of Pregnancy

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    why i feel that i have an allergy? my stomach, hands,neck and breast are itchy? and i can’t sleep well at night because of it normal?

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