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6 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby’s Development

By the sixth week of pregnancy, the embryo starts to resemble a small bean. In an ultrasound picture, one can make out its various facial features that are developing. For instance, one is bale to make out the location of the eyes and the nose. Ears, hands, and legs in their various stages of development can also be seen.

The baby’s brain, at this time, divides itself into its three regions, while the heart also charts out its right and left chambers. The heart pumps at the rate of 150 heart beats per minute. The baby also starts to develop various organs such as the lungs and liver. Glands such as the thyroid and pituitary gland also begin developing during this time. The baby’s respiratory and digestive system also starts to take shape. Medical experts say that the baby starts making its first movement during the sixth week of pregnancy. But these movements, say doctors, are so slight in nature that the mother is unable to feel them.

How Your Body Changes

The mother-to-be, meanwhile, continues to experience symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, and cramps. While some women feel extremely sleepy during the initial stages of their pregnancy, there are some cases where women have experienced sleeplessness. They may continue to feel tenderness in their breasts. Some women may also see an increase in their weights during this time.

What to Do

This sixth week is also the time when most miscarriages occur. Therefore, in case of spotting or bleeding, a gynecologist should be contacted immediately.

Weeks 5-8 of Pregnancy

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