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5 Weeks Pregnant

Your Baby’s Development

By the fifth week of pregnancy, both the mother and the baby are going through rapid developments. The embryo, in the fifth week of pregnancy, grows as much 5-6mm long. It starts to form its limbs and ears. Another important development the fetus registers is that of its eyes. While its eyes begin to appear, the head also starts forming a mouth and nostrils.

How Your Body Changes

Women, in their fifth week of pregnancy, may start craving for certain types of food. Morning sickness, dizziness, and nausea are common during this time. The mothers-to-be may also experience mood swings. This is a normal symptom. Apart from tenderness in breasts, some women also might feel bloated. There may be a tendency to urinate quite frequently, caused by the increasing size of the uterus. First-time mothers tend to be apprehensive during this time. This too, is quite common. For women in their second or third pregnancy, this may be an exhausting time as they have to manage their children. The symptoms however, vary with pregnancy.

What to Do

According to medical experts, women should continue taking a healthy diet, rich in vitamins, minerals, and calcium. They should also exercise regularly, and take good rest.

Weeks 5-8 of Pregnancy

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