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4 Weeks Pregnant

Week 4 marks one month of a woman’s pregnancy. By this time, tests can definitely tell if she is pregnant. This also marks the beginning of the most difficult period of a woman’s pregnancy. The fetus, during this time is susceptible to various forms of abnormalities. Therefore, it is extremely important that the mother takes very good care of herself. She should start taking a healthy well-balanced diet. She also needs to do some exercises during this time. However, taking adequate amount of rest is also equally important. She is also advised to give up smoking and drinking during this time.

A positive frame of mind helps in a successful pregnancy. The woman is encouraged to make herself aware of her family health history. She should also read up on pregnancy, in order to prepare herself both physically and mentally for a baby.

In the fourth week of her pregnancy, a woman generally starts to experience morning sickness. She may also experience some dizziness. Tender or sore breasts are a common symptom during the fourth week. She may also experience other symptoms during this time such as nausea, fatigue, and mood swings.

Your Baby’s Development

Meanwhile, the embryo too goes through several changes. The embryo, in the fourth week of pregnancy, is made up of three main layers. They are called the ‘ectoderm’, ‘mesoderm’, and ‘endoderm’. The ectoderm develops into the baby’s nervous system. The mesoderm develops into its circulatory system, bones and muscles, and kidney and the reproductive system. The endoderm develops into the baby’s lungs, intestines, and bladder. Also, the fetus grows to a size of about 0.4mm during this time. This is also the time when the placenta and the umbilical cord develop. They aid in supplying oxygen and other nourishments to the fetus.

Weeks 1-4 of Pregnancy

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  1. the 4th week of pregancy is a scary one. alot of women i knew had miscarriages in this time period. thanks for this site!

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