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39 Weeks Pregnant

By the 39th week, the baby is getting cramped inside the room, and is waiting to come out. Doctors do not attach much danger to babies born in the 38th or the 39th week. According to them, they will have a normal growth. However, during this time, the mother-to-be becomes more uncomfortable. There will be a feeling of dizziness quite often. Increased frequency of urination will continue, as will the cramps in the legs. While swelling of the feet is a normal feature around this time, in some cases, the hands and fingers might swell too.

Your Baby’s Development

Meanwhile, the baby’s respiratory system will strengthen around this time. Its lungs will increase the production of surfactant. Right till the time of its delivery, the baby will continue to grow inside the womb. It would also increase in weight. Mothers-to-be can start keeping track of their baby’s progress around this time.

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