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38 Weeks Pregnant

Women entering the 38th week of their pregnancy may experience labor pains any time now. The baby is still in the process of settling down in the pelvic region of its mother’s body. Towards the end of pregnancy, women may see some swelling in their feet. This is normal. However, if there is a swelling in any other part of the body such as face or hands, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Doctors say that this is a sign of pregnancy-induced hypertension. Since this condition can affect the volume of blood being received by the placenta, this can be quite fatal to the baby. There may be heartburn and the urge to urinate quite often. But women should keep taking lots of fluids despite the several trips to the toilet.

Your Baby’s Development

Most of the body organs of the baby are fully developed by this time, and are functioning normally. It develops tear ducts around this time. A baby boy will be bigger in size then a baby girl, and the baby girls are known to rest lower in the pelvic region than the boys. The baby will blink its eyes and react to sound and light while still in the womb.

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  1. Roxsain says:

    Hi im almost due and experiencing loads of pain.
    It feels like I need the toilet constantly almost like a running tummy but when i go to the toilet it is very loose. im always feeling pains in my lower abdomin and my right ribcage is always saw the pain never goes away. i am suposed to have a c\section but because im working i dont have time to go the hospital. Is it ok to give normal birth after two c\sections?

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