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37 Weeks Pregnant

This is almost the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. There may be a feeling of heaviness in women, and simple tasks like walking may seem difficult. Fatigue and exhaustion are a normal feeling at this time. But this is also an exciting time, as the baby can arrive anytime now. During this time, the cervix dilates in anticipation of the delivery of the baby. Also, the mucous plug which was acting as a protective layering around the uterus will start getting discharged from the body at this stage. The breasts may seem heavier. The stretching of the skin may lead to itchiness. Women may experience backaches and hemorrhoids during this time. The blood pressure and the sugar level in the body may rise.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby appears pink in color now. Body organs such as the lungs already start functioning by this time. All the fat that the baby has gained till now gives it a rounded appearance. The baby moves in the position of delivery during this time, and rests its head on its mother’s pelvic bone.

Weeks 37-42 of Pregnancy

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