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36 Weeks Pregnant

Around the 36th week of pregnancy, the baby’s head moves into the lower portion of its mother’s body. It rests on her pelvic bone. When a woman enters the 36th week of her pregnancy, it is termed as a ‘full-term’ pregnancy. There may be a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, accompanied by some anxiety about the impending birth of the baby. Due to increased size of the uterus, the skin also stretches severely, leading to stretch marks. Women can apply anti-wrinkle creams to get rid of these marks. Also, because of the intense pressure on the lower part of the body, the women may feel the need to urinate quite often. This might bring some relief to the breathing trouble. With the baby moving to the lower portion of the body, the lung will be able to expand more. There is a possibility that the blood pressure and the blood sugar may increase during this time. Backaches will continue.

Your Baby’s Development

By the 36th week, the baby is more or less developed. It is now getting in the position of delivery. In most cases, the baby is delivered head down. Its weight has increased by this time. Its limbs start to develop dimples due to the increasing fat on the body, while its gums also start hardening.

Weeks 33-36 of Pregnancy

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