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35 Weeks Pregnant

Healthy, nutritive diet is a must now. This is because the baby is almost developed by now, and requires more nourishment. The gynecologist may prescribe vitamin, iron, and calcium supplements. It is important that the women take them on a regular basis. In the meanwhile, symptoms such as breathing trouble may continue, as a result of the continued pressure on the ribcage. During this time, women will experience ‘lightening’. Lightening is the phenomenon when the baby drops into the pelvis for delivery. This occurs towards the end of pregnancy. This however, has a side-effect. Due to the pressure lightening puts on the bladder, the frequency to urinate increases in pregnant women at this time. This may also lead to numbness or a tingling sensation in the pelvis region. Other symptoms such as round ligament pain, constipation, heartburn, and indigestion will continue.

Your Baby’s Development

Most of the baby’s body organs such as the lungs, liver, and kidney have developed by the 35th week. Gynecologists are of the opinion that this is a good time for expecting mothers to establish a bond with their babies by talking to them. According to them, the baby will pay attention to sound. The protective coating that had developed around the baby’s body in the previous weeks of pregnancy now disappears.

Weeks 33-36 of Pregnancy

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