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34 Weeks Pregnant

By the 34th week, expecting mothers start to feel breathless. This is because the increasing size of the uterus pushes the other body parts around. It also starts pushing pressure on the diaphragm, due to which the lungs are not able to expand fully. If the breathlessness worsens, then a doctor should be consulted immediately. There will be instances of heartburn. This may be caused by the excessive movement of the baby inside the uterus which leads to acidity. Swelling might appear on body parts such as hands, ankles, and feet. This can be attributed to water-retention, and can be relieved by drinking plenty of water. But, if swelling becomes severe and is accompanied by headaches, then it may be a sign of ‘pre-eclampsia’. This is disorder of the placenta, occurs towards the end of pregnancy.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby’s face becomes clearer now. It is gaining more fat in these weeks. The fat accumulation helps regulate its body temperature. It reacts to sounds and light. Most of its body parts and organs are developed by the 34th week of pregnancy.

Weeks 33-36 of Pregnancy

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