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33 Weeks Pregnant

Women tend to suffer from indigestion and heartburn around the 33rd week of their pregnancy. Eating small meals from time to time may help alleviate this problem. Some of them develop bleeding gums or cavities in their teeth. This is mainly caused due to changes in the blood pressure inside the body. Hormonal changes may also be responsible for these symptoms. Regular visits to the dentist may be beneficial. Women, at this time, are fast gaining weight. But, according to gynecologist, most of the weight collected is diverted to the baby. There may be pain in the hands, wrists, and fingers. There may also be some numbness to them at times. Mothers-to-be should continue to take a healthy diet.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby’s lungs develop fully by the 33rd week, but it will still be kept inside an incubator after its delivery. Fat continues to get deposited on its body. Its bones also become hard, except the skull bones. The skull bones need to remain soft in order to facilitate delivery.

Weeks 33-36 of Pregnancy

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