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31 Weeks Pregnant

In the 31st week of their pregnancy, women feel the need to urinate quite often. By this time, they also have trouble sleeping. This is because of their increased weight. They should sleep on their side, as this is not only a comfortable position for expectant mothers to sleep in, but also because it puts minimal pressure on the womb. Sleeping on the side will also improve the blood circulation in the body. Women tend to suffer from piles during this time. This is a result of the increased pressure of the uterus on rectum. They may also suffer from hemorrhoids. Mothers-to-be should now start wearing extremely comfortable clothing such as maternity gown. Braxton Hicks contractions become more common now.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby meanwhile, continues to develop. Its lungs start producing surfactant which will prevent its lungs from collapsing. Its body shows an increasing demand for calcium, as its bones are growing stronger now. Its skin color now starts turning pink. Its fingers and toes are well-developed by this time. In fact, doctors say that with the growing fingers, the baby might even scratch itself.

Weeks 29-32 of Pregnancy

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