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30 Weeks Pregnant

Expectant mothers will feel extremely fatigued and exhausted around this time. This is caused by the increased levels of progesterone in the body. They should continue to go on short walks or do light exercises at this stage. Women may also start feeling anxious, as now they are eagerly waiting for their baby to arrive. There may be a feeling of discomfort due to the increased weight and shape. Increased weight may also put some pressure on their lower back. Mothers-to-be will also experience severe mood swings. In some cases, women also suffer from high blood pressure or blood sugar.

Your Baby’s Development

According to doctors, around the 30th week of pregnancy, the baby starts becoming aware of the happenings around it. It is able to see the activity in the uterus. It can even differentiate between light and darkness. It sleeps for long hours, but its sleeping pattern may vary from its mother’s. It also moves a lot now. Due to accumulation of fat on its body, the baby is gaining weight. Doctors say that by this time, the baby is large enough to occupy the entire uterine cavity.

Weeks 29-32 of Pregnancy

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