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29 Weeks Pregnant

The 29th week of pregnancy is when the mother starts seeing her stomach gets bigger at a much faster pace. The maximum amount of weight gained by women during their pregnancies, takes place during this week onward. Well-balanced diet which includes fiber, vitamins, minerals, and calcium must continue. Women should also take lots of fluid during this time in order to avoid dehydration. While women can still walk and swim, in some cases, the doctor may recommend a bed rest. It is important that the women remain in a positive frame of mind around this time. Any form of anxiety should be shared with family, friends, or the doctor.

This is also the time when they experience mood swings. The increasing weight of their body will make them feel fatigued. It may also lead to severe sciatica pain. This can be cured by soaking the legs into warm water. It is a must to maintain hygiene, as any form of bacterial or fungal infection can cause preterm labor. Women also tend to feel excessively hot during this time. This may be because of the increase in the skin temperature. Some may have difficulty in breathing, while others may have swollen hands or feet due to water-retention. Women may also undergo contractions called Braxton Hicks contractions.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby’s brain is undergoing massive development at this time. Its muscular system also strengthens further. According to medical experts, by this time, not only can the baby hear sounds but its heart beat may increase on listening to the sound of its mother or father. It will even respond towards sources of bright light. Its body keeps accumulating more fat during this time.

Weeks 29-32 of Pregnancy

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