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28 Weeks Pregnant

Week 28 is the beginning of the third and the last trimester of the pregnancy. With only three months to go before the baby is born, parents can prepare for an addition to their family. They can buy clothes, stock up on diapers, and even think of names for the newborn. By the time women are ready to enter the third and last trimester of their pregnancy, their face is glowing. Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting disappear. But they may experience heartburn, caused due to the increasing size of the uterus. Increasing weight may also lead to fatigue in the body. Also, with the uterus pushing against the colon due to its size, some women may experience constipation. They may also undergo Braxton Hicks contractions. The breasts start preparing for lactation, and therefore, undergo changes.

Your Baby’s Development

By this time, the baby is making a lot of movement in the womb, and is kicking quite a bit. Its body also appears round in shape now. Its eyes and eyelids, and the taste buds are well-developed now. The lungs are also functioning well. The brain develops even more. The baby is able to suck on its thumb by now. In the course of the last trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s weight will increase steadily.

Weeks 25-28 of Pregnancy

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