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27 Weeks Pregnant

27th week signifies the end of the second trimester of the pregnancy. Women, at this stage, are advised to eat nutritious, well-balanced food that also includes the requisite amounts of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Fresh fruits should also be included in the diet. Greasy or oily food should be avoided completely. There is a risk of premature labor in the third trimester. This is caused due to dehydration. Therefore, women are advised to take plenty of fluids in order to avoid premature labor. In case of symptoms such as water vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, and severe pain in the abdomen, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

In other cases, expectant mothers may have high blood pressure. This could be caused due to the placenta’s inability to grow blood vessels inside the uterine walls in order to carry put the pregnancy. Even though this condition occurs rarely, it may be fatal to both the mother and the child. Symptoms such as vision trouble, blood clotting, breathing difficulties, swelling of hands and feet, frequent headaches, and sudden weight gain, may be indicative of this condition.

In a normal case, meanwhile, women will continue to experience symptoms such as increased frequency of urination, leg cramps, constipation, backaches, and round ligament pain.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby’s retina starts developing layers that will help the child to receive images when it is born. It may also hiccup quite frequently. Doctors say that this is because the baby’s breathing is normalizing inside the womb.

Weeks 25-28 of Pregnancy

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