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25 Weeks Pregnant

The expectant mothers gain quite some weight by the 25th week of their pregnancy. The increased weight somewhat reduces their mobility, but even then the doctors encourage the women to go for small walks. Some form of light exercise can also be done by women. This will help in reducing the stiffness in their body. Women need to take some precautions as there is a risk of premature delivery at this time. The premature delivery may be caused due to an incompetent cervix or some infection.

Some women may develop red or brown stretch marks on their breasts, hips, and abdomen. Although these marks disappear after childbirth, women can use anti-wrinkle cream to remove these. Expectant mothers may also feel very hot, a feeling caused by an increase in the hormone level in the body. Taking plenty of fluids will help relieve the condition. There will also be symptoms such as constipation, indigestion, and heartburn. In some cases, women may find that the cholesterol level in their body has increased.

Your Baby’s Development

Doctors say that by the 25th week, the baby develops the ability to cry. Its taste buds are also in the process of developing. The body becomes more proportionate now. It also starts gaining body fat. The skin starts loosing its wrinkles, while the finger and toenails develop fully.

Weeks 25-28 of Pregnancy

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