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24 Weeks Pregnant

Women, by the 24th week of their pregnancy, start facing difficulties due to their growing size. These symptoms include conditions such as backaches, fatigue, sore feet, bladder trouble, and nose bleeds. The skin of the breasts and the abdomen stretches further, causing itchiness in these areas of the body. The gynecologist may recommend a moisturizing lotion to relieve the itching. The eyes too, tend to become dry and sensitive at this stage. Usage of eye drops will bring relief to this condition. In some cases, women may experience a sudden tightness in their uterus or the abdomen. These contractions are referred to as the ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions. The round ligament pain observed by women tends to increase around this time. They also suffer from cold, caused by the swelling of the mucous membrane. Saline drops may help relieve the cold.

Your Baby’s Development

The organs inside the child’s body are fast developing during this time. The lung starts to develop branches and special cells that inflate the air sacs. Premature babies usually have breathing problems as their lungs have not developed properly. Insufficient development of lungs in premature babies also tends to adversely affect their body temperatures too. Medical experts say that at that a baby in the womb at this time, is a thin version of what it will look like once it is born.

Weeks 21-24 of Pregnancy

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