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23 Weeks Pregnant

Both the mothers and their babies gain weight by the 23rd week. In the case of the mothers, the weight gain becomes evident. Doctors, at this stage, advise a healthy well-balanced diet to the expecting mothers. A well-balanced diet is accompanied by calcium and iron intake. Both are important in order for the bay to have strong bones and teeth. Feeling bloated is normal during these days. Some may undergo cramps in the leg. Often, women complain of bleeding gums during this period of their pregnancy. In some cases, women get ‘Braxton Hicks’ contractions. These however, are not very painful in nature. They even help the mother prepare for her labor.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby, by around the 23rd week, weighs one pound approximately. Its height also increases. The skin still appears to be red in color, and is wrinkled. Also, because the child’s body produces skin at a faster rate than it produces fat, some of the skin hangs loosely. The red color of skin is indicative of pigmentation that is beginning to take place in the child body. It also suggests that the baby skin is beginning to loose its transparency. The baby’s body organs continue to develop at a healthy rate.

Weeks 21-24 of Pregnancy

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  1. christina says:

    i am 23 weeks pregnant. we r having our baby boy.this is our 2nd child we alsp have a 3 year old daughter. her name is kaleigh.we just decided we would name the baby Ayden Micheal.we are so very excited.

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