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22 Weeks Pregnant

How Your Body Changes

Women start gaining weight around the 22nd week of their pregnancy. The pregnancy has progressed to a level where the mothers can feel their babies’ movements. Though symptoms such as morning sickness and nausea are over by this time, there may be other symptoms such a vaginal discharge. This happens because the body, during this time, starts to pump more blood. This leads to increased flow of blood in the lower parts of the body. Apart from this, some women may experience bleeding from other parts of the body such as the rectum or the anus. This is a result of hemorrhoids that may have developed inside the body. Their frequency to urinate also increases.

Your Baby’s Development

Although the baby is growing at a rapid rate during this time, its skin still remains wrinkled. Body organs such as the pancreas start functioning. The liver starts producing various enzymes that help in breaking down the billirubin. The baby’s eyes have also form by this time, even though the iris lacks pigment. According to medical experts, babies develop the sense of touch by this time. They may make movements of stroking their face at times.

Weeks 21-24 of Pregnancy

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