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21 Weeks Pregnant

Week 21 of pregnancy is a fairly relaxed time for women. They may go swimming, or do light exercises, but only after getting a green signal from their gynecologist. They should wear loose-fitting clothes to allow the body to breathe. They will gain weight around this time. Due to the growing size of the body, women may experience leg cramps. Doctors advise the use of pillows to support the legs as a measure against the pain. Mental health should also be given emphasis, as it is very important for the women to feel happy and relaxed at this time.

Your Baby’s Development

The baby’s body too will grow in the second trimester. Its body will start circulating blood. Other body parts such as the intestines too, will start to expand and contract. Its hearing ability will increase. In fact, pregnant women are encouraged to talk, or read to their babies during this time. This may have a calming effect on the child, and is also of way of bonding with it.

Weeks 21-24 of Pregnancy

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