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20 Weeks Pregnant

The 20th week of pregnancy is the middle of the nine-month-long pregnancy. Usually, by this time, mothers-to-be can tell if there baby is awake or is sleeping in the womb. Its movements also increase. It can hear well by this time, and is also breathing at this stage. Its scalp hair is developing fast. The baby’s body is covered with a white substance, referred to as ‘vernix caseosa’. This helps the baby with passing through the birth canal smoothly.

Pregnant women, who have a small body frame, may have trouble breathing around this time. This is mainly due to the restriction of the lungs. Symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and frequent urination may continue. Extreme dry skin may cause itching. Women may feel bloated up during this time. Drinking plenty of water will relieve this feeling. Maintaining hygiene is a must in order to keep infections at bay.

Weeks 17-20 of Pregnancy

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